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Photo of lukas
Crossfade from/into group
I'm having the same problem like described in this thread. I would have answered to this topic, but it's closed (why?).https://feedback.t...
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Photo of SnagitTest
Pop out zoom
When doing an instructional video that steps the student through a process, it would be fantastic to be able to identify particular spot ...
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Photo of chris
pre-purchase questions
I have been evaluating video editing software for a couple of days, and have a few pre-purchase questions:1) The "extend frame" command s...
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Photo of Ashton
multiple monirors
 I have the latest version of SnagIt and the cursor is sluggish and sometimes the program crashes when I try to do a screen capture.  I p...
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Photo of leducdude
Overriding Gap Space
Hi there. I am new to Camtasia, and so far I am loving it. There is just one thing that's getting to me, and that is that clips do not ov...
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