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Photo of Ed
Mask with custom shape?
Is there a less convoluted way to mask a video with a (custom) shape than what kayakman described here 9 months ago?   I have an iPhone ...
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Photo of Shel Holtz
Selective zoom
I have two photos on the screen and would like to zoom in on just one of them while the rest of the page -- the background and the other ...
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Photo of JL1
Can't upload to Screencast
When attempting to share a screenshot to Screencast, I get a message box stating "Due to security updates, please sign out of Snagit Edit...
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Photo of tonym
recommended video card
Is there a recommended video card that is suggested?I plan to use a HP probook w/ windows 10, 16 gb of RAM, Intel I7 processor, and would...
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Photo of byronminick
Export using H.265 format?
Hello, I am a college educator.  Does Camtasia for Mac (latest edition) allow us to export video in the H.265 format?
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Photo of pperrone
New Feature Suggestion
Jump to Time based on Quiz Results. Currently, we can use the response to an individual quiz question to jump to a specific time in the v...
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