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Photo of Richard Goodman
transitions affecting video
I only have a little experience of CS, but I am having a very annoying problem. I have a few tracks in my project, intro/outro graphics w...
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Photo of Billy Johns
Bitdefender Antivirus
The free antivirus offered by BitDefender is a rather different beast from most of the others. Rather than offering a slimmed down versio...
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Photo of Karen
black borders
I made a tutorial, shooting many different browser windows - going back and forth between them. I edited the tutorial and there was a wi...
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Photo of Buck
Windows 10 Pro build 1607
Description: Sound does not record in sync with video since Windows 10 Pro automatic upgrade to build 1607. Questions: What sound sett...
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Photo of Martyn Hay
table of contents
I'm using Camtasia 8.6.0.  I include markers in my video but no matter what I do with custom productions settings, flash/HTML 5, smart pl...
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