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Wordpress Plugin for
Here is a link to a video gallery on my Wordpress site with video hosted by Vimeo and the video plugin from I would ...
  • Richard Campbell, 3 years ago

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Support for ARF files
Do you have any plans of supporting ARF files? Webex has a big market share in the corporate world for online web meetings. They only all...
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Camtasia for iPad
Camtasia needs to be developed for Tablets too. For example I write on iPad Apps but there is now way I can record and then publish a vid...
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Support 60FPS?
I'm aware that Camtasia doesn't currently support 60FPS, but with YouTube supporting it more and more on various games and me recording i...
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Ken Burns Ipad app
I just downloaded the stunning "Ken Burns" Ipad app. The app has a very innovative floating menu to select Ken Burns' different movies. I...
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