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Color Replacement with transparency
You can currently replace one color in an image with another with the Color Replacement effect in Snagit Windows. There have been some re...
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Blurred callout backgrounds
Right now we have callout backgrounds that can be opaque or somewhat transparent, but it’d be really cool to add a level of blur to have...
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Easy way to draw curved lines and arrows
Currently, the way to draw curved arrows in Snagit Windows is a bit cumbersome. You need to toggle the "Bezier curve" switch when on the ...
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Portable version of Snagit
Snagit Windows currently requires an install and, similarly, Snagit Mac uses user directories to store user preferences and captures. So...
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Reports of Snagit Mac Performance Issues
Hello all! We’ve had some reports of performance issues in Snagit Mac here and wanted to take some time to discuss them. These are t...
  • Chris Larson, 1 month ago

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