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not seamless
I imported 2 mts files that are supposed to be continuous from my Panasonic camera.  It was a 27 minute file of my son playing the piano....
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Freebie tday
Hi gangI just noticed that over on the Giveaway of the Day site they are offering a free copy of Ashampoo Snap 9 (Which is a screen captu...
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Zooming with a Blur
Hi, all. I'm using Camtasia 2018, though I've had this dilemma in previous versions. On a screencast, I need to blur a part of the screen...
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Photo of Paul
Editing combined images
I don't know whether it's just me but is anyone else noticing laggy movement when adding e.g. Steps to a combined image?It's noticeable w...
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Change hotkeys
Change hotkeys from shift + PF9 & shift + PF10 to ctrl + PF9 & Ctrl + P10 as the shift + function key disables a function in another sys...
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