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Thanks so much
I was one of the vocal person who used to complain about the 32-bit version of the program and have never taken the time to thank you for...
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Batch Processing on Mac
I need batch processing for the Mac. Not on the list, but I've requested it on line and in the Techsmith office. Please? Note: This con...
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Moveable Timeline
One other huge improvement would be the ability to have a floating timeline to place on a second screen. I often work with 20 + tracks an...
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MP3 Export
Hello TechSmith Community! With the release of Camtasia 9, the ability to export project audio to MP3 was removed. Our decision to do ...
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Good evening! I would like to have the full screen option as in the previous version. Since first you have to detach the canvas to put fu...
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Track layout
Please consider making the tracks "re-orderable", even if only temporarily.  The point of this is I use a ton of tracks and I sometimes h...
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Used indication
I'm currently working on a project where I need to use about 70 different images in kind of a "slide show" type format. There were perhap...
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