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Camtasia for iPad
Camtasia needs to be developed for Tablets too. For example I write on iPad Apps but there is now way I can record and then publish a vid...
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CS8 upgrade maintenance
On the purchase page for Camtasia Studio it says that TechSmith are now selling 'upgrade maintenance' - does this mean for main version r...
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I want to post a video, but it keeps uploading it to my school account, not my personal. how do I change it? I've tried being in my perso...
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Sync fails
I am having an issue attempting to sync a 10m14s screen cast. I've shaved off two minutes worth of work with the hopes that it is some fo...
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Clip Image
I really like the way SnagIt clips an image on my PC.  Dragging the handles in to show less of the image.  Any chance of getting that in ...
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