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Text Capture
(This idea is something we’ve heard from customers over time from several of our sources of feedback. We’re posting it here to gauge how ...
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Camtasia vs. Snagit
I'm trying to evaluate the differences between Camtasia and Snagit. When do I use one verses the other? They both do video capture and Sn...
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Share options
I can't get SnagIt to share to Publisher or InDesign though I've added both of these as Share options under Programs.  Luckily, again und...
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Shortcut to folders
I use allot the same folder on my Hard Drives, and I need to cut created shortcuts to these folder then I save new screenshots.
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Real shadow effect
It's really strange for a tool like Snagit not to have a decent shadow effect (like PowerPoint does). We should have the hability to defi...
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