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Camtasia 2018 losing "recent projects" list. happened twice in a month
When opening Camtasia 2018, the recent project list would show recent items.  The first time installed it showed all the Camtasia 9 proje...
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Camtasia Studio has stopped working :(
i just decided to do some machinima movie, it has alot of tracks but when i click Produce, it all went fine but when it's rendering. It s...
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Camtasia 9 and Camtasia 3, What's the Difference?
Hi everyone! First, I'd like to thank you for your continued support and to let you know we love hearing from you! That said, I did want...
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SnagIt 2 Mac + Word 2011 Mac + DPI = Headache.
I'd like to save graphics (screenshots) out of Word and then replace them after annotations are added. But the resolution seems to break ...
  • Medici's Dad, 6 years ago

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