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SnagIt v13 - when?
Some (or maybe many?) are still sticking to v11.x , because v12 was (a bit of) a disappointment to them. Same with me. Hopefully v13 wil...
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Reinstall Snagit v11.4.3.280
I currently have Snagit v11 installed on my PC's C drive but am going to get a new PC and have been told I must move Snagit to my externa...
  • Noel, 3 years ago

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Snapping Guides
I think it could be useful if SnagIt Editor offered an ability for "snapping", similar to the way Camtasia does it when dragging things o...
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Where's The Meme?
Today, many folks want to make a quick meme. They see an image on screen of their mom, their sister, a politician and they want to be abl...
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