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Identify a Font
This may be a big ask, but I spend a lot of time trying to figure out the font(s) on a screenshot. so that my edits match. It would be s...
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SnagIt ZOOM Incrementally
SnagIt ZOOM Incrementally - to zoom to a precise size, adding the option to zoom by either clicking up/down arrow on screen with your mou...
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Stamps 'Search'
I see this was requested 2 years ago but is still not in the poduct. ...
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The new Polygon tool is a step forward. However, what would make my project flow is being able to eliminate the need for the first and l...
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Usability Issues
The drag and drop capability from the tray to a target document is great but there are some issues. 1. Sporadically, if I move along to ...
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Layers in Editor
Currently we can send objects forward and back on the canvas. But it might be nice for some to be able to see those layers in a list. We ...
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Copy & Paste
I would like to be able to copy and paste several boxes onto a single sheet as well as be able to paste over a partial existing paste on ...
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