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Crazy you can't do triangles!
I can't believe all you can do is draw lines to make a triangle!  The you can't fill it!  Come on a triangle is a basic shape.  In the wi...
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multiple monirors
 I have the latest version of SnagIt and the cursor is sluggish and sometimes the program crashes when I try to do a screen capture.  I p...
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Padding Issues
Oval and round call outs have too much padding (spacing) between the call out lines and the text.  All other call outs are much more reas...
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Report SPAM Posts Here
There is no way to report SPAM or unwanted/abusive posts in the forum. We cannot even contact moderators/employees to report them. What...
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Cursor Keys Move in Wrong Direction
Has anyone seen this anomaly? Working on fine positioning an object, nudging it with the cursor direction keys in combo, with Ctrl optio...
  • Paul, 2 months ago

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Do you have a possibility to upgrade some very very annoying behavior with SnagIt as:- when you are working on a part of an image, and ...
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