$99 upgrade!!! All your doing is fixing problems that were prevalent is Camtasia 9 adding few gimmicks like preinstalled backgrounds

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OUTRAGEOUS!! All there doing is fixing problems that were prevalent is Camtasia 9 then adding few gimmicks then charging full paying existing customers $99 for the "privilege" thats nearly 50% full price cost at $49.99 then, yeah i might of done at a push, its just using loyal customers as a gullible moneypit
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Posted 2 years ago

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I bought the upgrade and feel as though it’s been a complete waste of money. £50.00 upgrade would have been more acceptable, but I’ll certsinly not be upgrading again if feature improvements are as lacking as this has been.
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I could be wrong about this, but I sense that you are not completely happy. 8^>
You are to a large extent correct. In terms of feature expansion that is relevant to power users in particular, it's a stretch to call this a "major" release.

However I can to some extent see it from Camtasia's side as well. The enhancements to rendering speed would have been a serious piece of work. I don't think that the results will revolutionise the way users work since most of the reports I've seen and my own experience suggests a 10 to 20% improvement.

Is that in itself worth paying for an update? Probably not.

Styles will make it easier for casual users to make all of their objects look similar. They don't address the issue of getting fonts and shapes to a consistent size, though. And power users have probably already set up a library of objects with the same colours and fonts. Worth it? Eeeeh, highly questionable.

Editing in 60fps? Those who need it, need it. They had to do it, and it's already years late just as 64 bit was. Is it worth the upgrade? For some people, probably. But without a fully functional 60fps recording system, probably not that many.

The new Library system? That too would have been a serious piece of work, and it's one that I think they had to do to mesh with their new Assets product. Worth it to the user? {Shrug.} For those who need the asset library, I guess it is.

In short, I don't think it's fair to say that they've just re-badged the thing. There are a lot of work hours that would have gone into turning 9 into 2018. The question is whether those hours have taken it in a direction which is actually of value to the user.

For me, I think... probably not. I've been pretty clear, strident, even, in all of the areas where this software is a let down, and none of those have been addressed and worse, none look like they are going to be addressed any time soon. So why did I upgrade? Because I still believe in the potential of what Camtasia could be but as I said in my first post after its release, my patience is already wafer thin and 2018 just skimmed another layer from it. The main thing that's holding me back is that I know that if I shift over to, say, OBS and Premiere Pro, it will be weeks to months before I become as proficient with those as I am with Camtasia. So I am still holding out hope that it will eventually head in the right direction.

But I do not blame, criticise or even fail to understand why some people, including, I presume, your good self,  may prefer not to pay the money and stay with the older version.
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I have read too many posts already from users outraged about  this alleged "new" version. I am disappointed mainly because I always counted on TechSmith to deliver bonafide quality software upgrades, not just a few niceties to try and justify a money grab.

I was going to download the free trial first, but because I am such a long time Camtasia user, I trusted TechSmith, without reservation, and purchased the new version. Sadly, it appears that this new version is impossible to justify as a major version upgrade from Camtasia 9. 

I lost something far greater than the purchase price, and I hope that TechSmith is listening.  I lost my trust. TechSmith has lost my faith in you as a reputable organization deserving of my automatic patronage.  

Integrity is the core issue here for me, and is no small issue for one to ponder. The customer base deserves much better than the slight of hand semantics about 60fps editing vs the 30 fps recorder. No reasonable and intelligent person would ever have considered the fps would not also include the built-in screen recorder. Further, the render times are improved, but only slightly. I expected a momentus improvement based on the marketing hype. 

TechSmith needs to restore trust. 
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I could not have written this better myself as it hits home on every point that I feel as well.
This is not an isolated feeling, as there are many users out there all saying the same thing, and I think it's the feeling of being taken for a ride that is the main niggle... a few minor updates and an unjustifiable upgrade cost. I don't think TechSmith will give a toss about the complaints, and if that is the case, I think the blowback is going to be something they regret.
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