“Just tell me how to do it!”

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“Just tell me how to do it” Hmmm...I feel compelled to give the lecture I give my students who say, “I don’t have time to read the textbook, just tell me the answer.”

This type of question implies that you perceive your time is more valuable than your Camtasia for Mac colleague’s time.. You will find that you will be more successful in this forum and with the program if you try a different approach. Tech Smith does a great job presenting software concepts, and there are many knowledgeable users generous enough to help others get to the next level. They have put many hours into refining their skills. Their time is just as valuable as yours. As in most things, you’ll get out of Camtasia what you are willing to put into it. Please consider this before posting questions in this excellent peer forum. Have a great day!
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PLUS..if you are using Camtasia for MAC..you are in the wrong forum.. This is for the WINDOWS version..  ;-)
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:-) And I should have just said Camtasia...I put my little “lecture” in both.
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I don't want answers either, and I have been a Camtasia user since almost day1. Transitioning from v8 to v9 was fairly easy, but finding where they put things in v2018 is less than ideal.

Although Camtasia's new certification training is nice, at 70, I forget often and easily.

I built my Windows PC specifically to learn more about Camtasia, and document how to use Excel, VBA, and Math. I have 3 monitors so that I can open an Excel spreadsheet on monitor#1, VBA on Monitor#2 and  videos on #3.

If I'm using Camtasia to record a "How to use" a spreadsheet, I'd love to have a hyperlinked list of specific Camtasia "how to videos" available as reference. Not hour long videos, minute or two long to serve as a reminder. Princeton and Harvard did studies 15 or 20 years ago and basically chastised all instructional videos over 19 minutes long - the attention span of humans. (Ever notice Ted Talks never exceed 20 minutes?
I use Camtasia once every few months, so repeating the Camtasia certification course just to find how to voice over doesn't make sense. From my perspective, I would greatly prefer a couple hundred very topic specific, video clips on how to do a correspondingly specific Camtasia task.

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if interested, you're welcome to access my public collection of 275 Camtasia how-to  tutorials at http://www.screencast.com/users/cookbookplusman/folders/Camtasia%20Tutorials

use the search mode to seek by keyword

for example, enter "voice narration" and you'll get a short list of 5 tutorials

or, sort by alpha ascending and look at the subject titles; the titles usually contain the relevant keywords

see ...

About Accessing Camtasia Tutorials On Screencast Dot Com

there are many other public tutorials available from others; some on YouTube, etc

another resource ...