.trec to mp4 encoding painfully slow - only 1 core of CPU and no GPU usage?

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Hi folks,
I am currently trialing Camtasia 8 and have recorded two days worth of lectures on a Microsoft Surface 4 in Camtasia. Now I come to convert the trec files to MP4 so I can use them and time them in Premiere Pro CC 2015, the conversion is taking forever. I note from my system reporting that only a single CPU core in a 6 core Intel CPU (12 logical cores) is being used by Camtasia and virtually none of the GPU which is a GTX 980. IS there some setting I am missing or is this the default for Camtasia?
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Posted 4 years ago

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You're going to edit and produce over in Premiere? Why not simply render to AVI (no compression, much faster) and then take that to Premiere as a much better quality of video than MP4 would be. 

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Thanks for your response, Timbre4. To qualify the issue further and answer your query/suggestion:

We are a professional video production house with our own studios and post/edit rooms and use Adobe CC for our edit workflow.
The screen size being captured on the Surface Pro 4 is 2738x1824 - we are capturing large Excel workbooks being worked on 'live' and so the size is important to maintain during capture. We currently have recordings from 2 days for which the total recorded duration is 8 hours.
Recording losslessly to AVI would require approximately 10TB and a recording stream bit rate of around 3gbps, neither of which is tenable in a Surface Pro, even with external connectivity.
Few compression codecs for AVI support the screen size we require, and those that do don't seem deliver the quality we need versus the file/size/bitrate.
The quality of .trec is fine but the conversion within Camtasia is painfully slow compared to almost any other program providing conversion tools.
So, is there something I am missing with the settings or is this a fundamental problem with Camtasia and will it be fixed?
Alternatively does Techsmith have a codec that I can download to convert .trec within AME?
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the .trec recording is created using avi.

If you record directly to avi you will be using the same codec. The file size should pretty much match the .trec recordings you are working with now.

You can actually extract the contents of a .trec file in no time.  However, if you need the cursor to appear in the video it's not a viable option because it won't be there. See Image Below, Click to Enlarge.

I have no problem opening these avi files in Premiere Pro CS6.

Regards, Joe

Record to avi

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Camtasia is faster than most of the other video editing software I have used before. And the settings I use would require lots of system resources. I don't know if it's slow for you due to the 2738 X 1824. The only solution I would test, is an Uninstall and reinstall of the program. I received a can't record error and the reinstall fixed it. Maybe it would fix your issue. Just make sure to back up your trec files elsewhere before embarking on that journey.
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I believe Camtasia Studio works with a maximum of 2048x2048 dimensions; using larger will cause the CS editor to down-size the source clips; this can cause noticeable editor burden, and lengthen production times

if possible, perhaps reset monitor resolution to 1920x max, and then capture full screen, and use same dimensions for editing and production 
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It works fine at higher resolutions and now have the fix I needed, which was extract. All sitting comfortably in my timeline and playing nicely with all the other assets. Just wish there was a simple way to batch extract files and for them to automatically incrementally name files, but it does work and take just a few seconds to extract a file.
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Hi there!

We want to thank you for your patience. We are pleased to say that we have just released our newest, most powerful version of Camtasia yet. Camtasia 9 is now 64 bit which, along with other improvements, should leverage more of your machines resources to produce your projects. You can take it for a test drive by downloading the free trial at https://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia/. If you are ready to purchase you can do so at  http://shop.techsmith.com/.

Please feel free to post your feedback and feature requests here in our Community forums and remember, all technical support-related inquiries should be directed to our dedicated Technical Support team at https://support.techsmith.com/

Thanks again!

- Dave D.