2019 Camtasia - First Impressions

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I'm a daily user of Camtasia and love how the Techsmith team is always putting out new versions/features.  With that said, here's the first batch of concerns I've found in Camtasia 2019...

1. Visual Effects - The "old" device frames available from Camtasia 2018 were key to my work.  I do use the newer device frames with dynamic backgrounds from time to time, but for my most of my training videos I just want just the device frame, not a full screen background. For example, creating content comparing 2 iPhones isn't possible when the background layers are brought.  Plus, I miss the ability to pick white or black iPhone.  Our university uses iPhone exclusively, an that new generic phone isn't familiar to their experience. I'd vote to bring the "old frames" back.  This would be my number one request to fix.  

2. The color picker is super buggy in 2019.  When clicking from one asset to another, it's hard to tell what it applies to now, There doesn't appear to be a HEX/RGB Code option for color selection, which is a real bummer.  

3. Audio effects don't work most of the time.  Noise removal and compression seem to only work 25% of the time when I drag them to a clip, and the response from dragging sensitivity or reduction isn't immediate.  

4. I can't seem to save new color swatches, but it does retain a few I saved in 2018.

5. Speech bubble #2 needs the option of making the leg extension skinnier.  I use this all the time, but it only looks good when it's near the border of the screen.  When used more towards the center, the leg extension is too fat  : ) 

6. Color Adjustment - not sure why it starts off super contrasty black & white, most people want subtle adjustments, so I'd recommend starting off with all values at "0" or create user defined templates? Also, if you could add "Shadow Removal" as an option, you'd have a winner here.  I usually find myself having to go to Adobe Premiere to do this, and then put it back in Camtasia, because I just love the simplicity of editing in Camtasia so much more. 

7. Audio Request - add a simple 5 band EQ feature.  Many of people's microphones get too much of a bass proximity effect when talking close to the microphone (to avoid picking up room noise) and it would be great to have the option of rolling off some bass, and/or bring up some upper-mids.  

8. Historically, Camtasia starts to bog down/crash when projects get large, or when using multiple video files.  Perhaps adding a meter showing its load capacity (process/ram usage) would be handy.  That, or the ability to temporarily mute certain tracks to free up CPU usage? 

Overall, I love Camtasia.  Here's hoping 2019 smooths out!   
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