24/7 Forum Moderation / Pornography has entered our forum!

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This conversation is no longer open for comments or replies and is no longer visible to community members. The community moderator provided the following reason for archiving: Sensitive topic with personal attacks/forum rule-breaking comments/responses. Contact Robert at r.risdon@techsmith.com for more details.

Pornography links have been posted to this forum twice in less than 24 hours.
Here is one such example.

I have zero tolerance for any reasoning/excuse that the get satisfaction forum is not run by TechSmith.

In 70s terminology, that's a copout. There can be no reasoning or excuse to allow links for pornography to be seeping into this forum.

There are women, children and people from all walks of life. That will be seriously offended by clicking on those links.

Regular SPAM was bad enough. But it's time to circle the wagons and get a handle on this. Not next week, not tomorrow, RIGHT NOW.

The only way to prevent this with certainty. Is to prevent it from being posted in the first place. It's not hard to figure out. It just has to be done.

Regards, Joe
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  • Like I've completely wasted my time

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Official Response
Hi All;

I apologize that something like this was seen on the forums; those of us at TechSmith that spend time in the forums do what we can to get to these posts as soon as possible. We appreciate the diligence of the forum members to bring these sorts of things to our attention when they slip through the platform's built-in Spam filters. While I personally agree that the platform filtering, volunteer moderation features, and new user posting restrictions could be improved, they are, as they stand, what we have to work with at this time. The current process of reporting those that slip through the two filters of the platform (the initial filter that happens behind the scenes, that I have little control of/access to, and then the second filter which our platform console tags as a "Needs Review" post prior to allowing it to go live) is the best way, on this platform, to handle these posts. I will, though, bring up the increased frequency with which we are receiving Spam posts with the platform provider to see if there is anything on their end that can be handled.

While I understand that there will be an argument to simply switch platforms, I would like to note that a major platform shift is a significant process that requires far more than the flip of a switch, especially when there is a decade's worth of threads, replies, and comments. Hearing this feedback (as well as other feedback gleaned from the regular posts/comments made in the general forum) is helpful as it may help influence any potential decisions about this community that TechSmith decides to make.Until any decision can be made, or until it is decided to look into the community experience/process/platform, the current workflow is the one that suits the platform the best.

We appreciate your understanding, and diligence, while we work through the evolution of TechSmith's community space. 


Note: I am closing/archiving this thread due to the nature of it (it will still be available as an internal thread so we, TechSmith, can review the feedback given). I would like to remind users here of our forum guidelines, which you can find here. You can contact me directly at r.risdon@techsmith.com if you have questions or concerns.