9 hours Recoding in trial Version.

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Hi i have 2 questions 1. i want to recode 9hrs screen and cam dose this support. and it save file after i click stop or during the recoding. 2. in trail version can i recode 9 hrs video without any restriction
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi there

Wow, 9 hours! I'm not sure I've ever heard of anyone trying that. To my knowledge, only machine resources come into play here. Unless someone with more experience dealing with videos that are longer pops in to answer, I'm going to say you won't really know unless you try it.

Assuming that 9 hours is successfully captured and saved, be prepared for an extremely long period of time to produce that video back out. Possibly even machine crashes along the way.

Keep in mind that while Camtasia was created to record screen activity, mostly it was designed for tutorials and suchlike that are reasonably short in duration. Typically somewhere between 2 to five minutes.

Also, the trial version will have a watermark on it. Folks have sometimes complained about that aspect.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Really Rick?

Hello Naveed Awan,

 9 hours is a very long time for a screen recording.But yes it is possible.

 The limitations of a recording session is mainly dependent on  2 things. Available hard drive space for storing the temporary recording file/screen recording.
Plus, no Computer glitches occurring during the recording process. That may corrupt the recording.

TechSmith recommends no longer than 2 hour recording sessions if possible.

In an ideal world, if you have 2TB of free space on your hard drive. You could record many hours non-Stop of  Full HD Video without a problem. If the power cuts out for a moment, all could be lost.


Hey Rick, Huh?
mostly it was designed for tutorials and suchlike that are reasonably short in duration. Typically somewhere between 2 to five minutes.

Where did you dig up that information Rick?

I"ve created 1/2 tutorials on a regular basis using Camtasia 8. Even with it's 32 bit limitations.

Camtasia 9 is far more capable than that.

If I were looking into purchasing Camtasia for the first time. I would never purchase it if I believed what you just said.
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Rick is correct when it comes to computer resources being used and having possible issues with crashing. You would have to have a pretty stout system with HD Space, Memory, Processor Speed, Etc. to do 9 hours of recording and the other user never stated if it was 9 hours of straight recording or being broken up so there are those questions too.

Some say it is advisable to record small chunks of video no more than 10 minutes at a time but with that being said it can be longer pending on the System one has for the above statement on HD Space, etc. Rick did also state that they would never know unless they try which I agree with as no one will ever know what the limits are if they are not trying to push something to the limits. Anything is possible and it can assure one of what can and cannot be done with a little experimenting so just jump in and give it a go and see what happens.

And I can honestly say that I used to enjoy being on here more until things took a turn for users to always trash the other users or argue with their opinions and statements. Yes Joe that goes out to you and Robert this is why I no longer take much participation in this group and I do know many others who do not participate or want to as the feel if they ask a question or try to offer advice that they may get the same kind of treatment. I have been using TechSmith Software for many years now and have been through many years with helping others learn and use the software but when this community starts turning into a bashing on others post or questions and suggestions I find it to not be helpful and that is all I can say. If it changes fine and if not then I will not be here much and let the people like Joe just take it over as he never has anything other than bashing in a subtle manner or sometimes rude and he has an ego problem. Have a great day/night everyone and Joe go ahead as we all know you wil post back and I will ignore unless it is something of value as I refuse to bash others or not care about their opinions, suggestions, and answers, problems and feelings, etc.

In all respect I hope some of these suggestions help Naveed Awan which is supposed to be the purpose of this post and to help another user(s) just in case others have forgotten this on this Community. Naveed if you have any other questions feel free to ask and hopefully it will get answered without having to read about others bashing and trashing. Give it a try and push it to the limits and let us know what happens and if you have further questions feel free to ask.