A Few of the Improved Features in Snagit 13 (Windows) and Snagit 4 (Mac)

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New releases are not always about new features; in many cases existing features receive overhauls based on user feedback and the latest release of Snagit is no different. Over the 25-year history of Snagit many features have evolved, fallen by the wayside, or new features have been born from the burgeoning digital frontier. Snagit 13 for Windows and Snagit 4 for Mac have many features that have received an overhaul, making them more accessible, quicker, or easier to use, while keeping the needs of our users in mind. Below you will find a few highlighted features that have received updates and we would love to hear your feedback for these changes. For a list of complete changes, please click here for Snagit 13 (Windows) or click here for Snagit 4 (Mac).

A few of the features to receive an overhaul are as follows:

New and Improved Capture Interface

While Snagit’s One-Click feature has been around for multiple versions, it received main-stage representation with Snagit 12 (Windows) and Snagit 3 (Mac); with the newly released Snagit 13/4  we started over from scratch. Fear not though! Those of you that use the traditional One-Click interface, it is still there (you can turn One-Click on in Snagit’s Preferences). With Snagit 13/4 you get options; you can use the traditional One-Click capture method, or you can use our more traditional Snagit capture interface (see the screenshot below). This new capture interface brings back an old favorite; your global capture hotkey is tied to the various options you choose in the new capture interface. Simply press your global capture hotkey after changing your capture settings and Snagit will remember your choices.


Improved Video Capture Framerate

As video becomes more and more accepted throughout the digital space, users require higher quality and smoother recording results. With Snagit 13 and Snagit 4’s improved capture framerate means you can get a smoother recording while maintaining the high quality one receives when capturing still images. Capturing at up-to 30 frames per second (FPS), Snagit 13/4 ensures that both the clarity and fidelity of your videos are upheld. As videos are a very personal medium, where the quality of the video reflects on the individual or organization, Snagit aims to provide the ability to record, quick disposable 1:1 videos that you can easily share for feedback or communicating ideas. See a comparison between Snagit 12 and Snagit 13 below::

Customizable Editor Toolbar

In today’s digital world it is common for users to customize applications to fit their needs and with today’s Snagit release, you too can customize the Snagit Editor’s toolbar to fit your needs. Move or replace the default tools with your most used tools or Share outputs, reducing clicks and simplifying the steps you take when editing your content. Along with the ability to customize your toolbar you can now change (or restore) your default Styles found in the various annotation tools (Callouts, Arrows, etc.), now you can save your most-used annotations and remove any unused styles, thus decluttering your workspace and allowing you to work more efficiently.

These are only a few of the improved features, so be sure to check out the Snagit for Windows Version History page or the Snagit for Mac Version History page for a more complete list of updates to Snagit.

One of these features not working right for you? Reach out to our Technical Support team at https://support.techsmith.com/ and our dedicated Support Team will work to resolve your issue.

Looking to see how to use these features? Head over to our Tutorials page to get some helpful hints, tricks, and tips on using Snagit to its fullest.

What are your thoughts on these particular improvements? We would love to hear what you have to say and encourage you to post your thoughts below.

Thank you!

Team TechSmith
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Posted 4 years ago

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I was fortunate enough to be involved in the beta program for SnagIt 13.
This was quite some time ago and I have been anxiously awaiting it's release.

To me, this is the best SnagIt ever created. I have been setting it up and I actually had forgotten how much I liked this new release. A few things have changed since the beta version I tested. These changes are all positive as far as can I tell.

For myself. I won't miss SnagIt 12 in the least.
 For many reasons I suggest that everyone try downloading the free trial of SnagIt 13 and see if you like it as much as I do.

Regards, Joe