a quicker way to rotate images (feature request)

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I needed a quick way to rotate an image in Snagit without relying on another program.  Currently I have to go through too many mouse clicks to make it happen when I'm working with multiple screenshots.

In the Snagit 2019 hotkeys webpage https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015222191-Snagit-2019-Hotkeys it is mentioned that "Command+R" will do the trick for Macs only. I've confirmed with Snagit tech support that there is no equivalent hotkey for Windows users.

So, here are 2 suggested feature requests:
1) to create a hotkey for Windows to rotate an image by 90 degrees (clockwise or counter)
2) to be able to turn this command into a shortcut/button on the command bar at the top of the Snagit Editor... to be able to do so with *any* basic image transformation command would be even better!


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  • surprised this feature is missing from Snagit

Posted 9 months ago

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Without saying this is not a good idea, someone is bound to ask "Who would want to rotate a screen shot, and why?"
There are already too many requests for features which are really missing in SnagIt, some of them with hundreds of votes dating back several years. Could we have those, TechSmith, please?

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Rotating screenshots, as in the capture of UI screens, very few.  But sometimes the content is pictorial and sometimes that needs rotating.  The few times I need to do that I always right-click the image in the expectation it will be located there, and have to remind myself it's buried in the menus.

But, alas, even then I would use it too infrequently.  Sorry :(
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I exclusively work with images and need to rotate and flip them constantly. A short hand for this would be insanely beneficial for me and my co-workers. 
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I'm using SnagIt 2020 and I notice that if I add elements to my toolbar, they are able to be accessed via hotkeys. For example, I have added Favorites as the first item. And when I hover the Favorites icon, I see a tooltip suggesting that if I press Ctrl+1, that feature will be activated.

I just tested by adding Rotate Image as the second toolbar item. Mousing over presents the tooltip that pressing Ctrl+2 will activate it. And sure enough, pressing Ctrl+2 does present the dialog to rotate.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way to coax an icon to say: Rotate 90 degrees or to flip an image.

Cheers... Rick :)