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A few 'wishes'

SnagIt Editor:

1. [New] Editor: Add Rulers (Horizontal/Vertical), Floating, so dimensions can be measured
2. [New] Editor: Add "triangle" to default Styles
3. [New] Editor: Add brush tools
4. [New] Editor: Add blur tool
5. [New] Editor: Add "numbered arrows" to styles (users draw an arrow and add 1,2,3 etc)
6. [New] Editor: Add option "Do not warn again" – at "Discard Transparency"-pop-up (when saving)
7. [New] Editor: Add a few Explorer options to existing editor context menu, such as "Open with Explorer", "Jump to Folder"
8. [New] Editor: Add flexible batch renaming options, such as filename-seq#-modified date (context menu)
9. [New] Editor: Add user defined zoom control (slider) to the existing fixed values
10. [New] Capturing: When capturing from web, new profile to exclude borders (tool- and status-bar)
11. [Improvement] Editor: Rotate without having to flatten first (when combining two images
12. [Improvement] Editor: Allow to shift userdefined styles to the top (1st row) so they will be used by default

13. [New] Capturing: Autoscroll to capture off-screen (e.g. heavily zoomed in photos, maps. One can slide them up and down using browser grabhand, but after screencapturing, browser closes to small format and one has to open the photo/map again and zoom in, find last position, etc.)
Note: a workaround may be a autosave (no preview), timebased full screen capturing.
14. [New] Capturing: Captions placed outside captures to be handled same way as inside-captions (inside: left and right text boxes same height, outside: under each other)

15. Video control buttons: make them smaller, floating or minimized whilst recording, so full screen will be recorded

Tools-Settings (Save to location)

16.a. [New] Save to folder: Add option to set 'save to'-folder under Tools->Program options, applicable for all.. profiles. Exceptions on a per profile basis
16.b. [New] Restoring profiles: when restoring profiles, 'save to' locations (defined under file->properties), should also be restored (not the case right now)
16.c. [New] Restoring profiles: when restoring profiles and 'save to'-locations can not be found (because drive / partition does not exists), SnagIt to report an error
16.d. [New] 'Save to'-location: when, at launch, SnagIt does not find the 'save to'-locations (for some reason location cannot be accessed), then SnagIt should report an error, but should nót(!) reset the paths. I.e. SnagIt to be closed immediately, the path or folder to be made accessible, SnagIt to be relaunched.

Portable Snagit
17. [New] Portable SnagIt (.exe file)

Keep up the good work!
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