Abandon capture, adjust capture window before completing.

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2 big omissions in Snagit: Abandon capture, adjust capture window before completing.
I moved from ASnap to SnagIt but miss the features where:
1. Ability to abandon creating a capture window after starting the first click to make a capture window. It instead needs to accept a second click to complete resulting in a capture which will need the effort applied to find and delete it.
2. Ability to instantly and easily adjust the perimeters of a capture window after making a capture. This is a major advantage that ASnap has over SnagIt, very useful feature which I miss a lot.
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Posted 3 years ago

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If you set you capture preference to all in one, you can do what I THINK you really mean in item 2 - adjust the area to be captured BEFORE the capture happens. Obviously you can't expand the area after capture but you can easily shrink it.

All in one mode will also allow you to abandon a capture by pressing escape or selecting the close window control on the interactive box that appears after you have defined the initial area to capture.

The reason the All-in-one option allows you to do this is that it has to pause and ask you what type of capture you want, so it is easy to add 'abandon' and 'resize' controls.

In instant capture mode, if you decide you selected wrongly, it takes one mouse click to close the editor window and start again (if you have that option selected) or zero clicks if you don't.

Once you have tuned in to SnagIt's way of working these ways or working become second nature.

You may disagree, and I'm fine with that, but in my view I don't want a confirmation step to intervene when >90% of the time I'm happy wit the area I selected.  Overall, far more mouse clicks would be required for the >90% that are successful than would be required to fix the <10% that aren't. YMMV.

If you're a recent convert from ASnap then WELCOME!  Good to have you on board.  There are people on here with more than 15 years experience of using SnagIt who will be happy to answer and 'How do I?' questions.

SnagIt has some shortcomings, particularly with the new UI/UX in R13 which some of us old-timers dislike (not because it's different but because it's harder to do things that used to be easy) but it's still the best I've ever come across and i have tried a few.
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Thanks Paul, you have made some valid points, I'll try the All in one mode again and see how I get on. A good point to err on the large side, and reduce if required. I've still got a lot to learn, particularly with getting presets edits to stick to changes I make.
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Once you begin that process where you get the crosshairs, just press the Esc key to abandon it.

Something I've noticed that many folks fail to realize is that while the mouse adjusts the position of the crosshairs, it's really difficult to make a perfect selection (assuming that for whatever reason, it doesn't just snap to the area you need). In this case, you are able to get the crosshairs near the area, then use the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys to nudge the crosshairs in one pixel increments. That's where the magnified area comes in really super handy!

Another thing to consider is exploring the different profiles that ship with SnagIt for capturing. I'm one of those "old timers" mentioned by Paul. And just the other day I found myself longing for an ability to capture a "cascaded" set of dialogs. I was nearly about to submit a feature request to ask for it. Then lo and behold I found exactly such an option already built into the product! Sa-weet! (So there's definitive proof that an old dog *CAN* learn new tricks.) LOL

Cheers... Rick :)
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Ooooo,  Tell me where to find that cascaded dialog feature please Rick.  I can use that.
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Thanks Rick, especially for the crosshairs tip controlled by arrow keys.