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As a producer, I want the ability to output selected media to various services that are not part of the base Camtasia product. Rather than requesting each service as a new feature request, I would like to have the ability to download, buy, or write software code for a custom Camtasia extension that allows output to sources not available out-of-box. Such functionality will increase productivity by keeping as much manual post-processing in the Camtasia desktop client as possible.

Ideally, Camtasia supports:

* Custom video output services.
* Custom audio output services.
* Using built-in video and audio formats.
* Allowing the extension to use their own output formats (codecs?).
* Single file or batch file output.
* Create more advanced outputs even if already supported in Camtasia.

Scenario: Custom output sources
As of this writing, a Camtasia user can output to Screencast, Techsmith Video Review, YouTube, and Google Drive services.

If the Camtasia user has a unique service they want to output to, like an AWS or Azure container, Dropbox, a SharePoint document library, or some other unsupported provider, they only have one option, which is to output to a local file.

In many cases, getting that local file is only half the battle. The Camtasia user must then upload each file individually, adding metadata such as the producer, date of production, a description of the video, tags, and other elements.

A custom output extension would allow the user to download, buy, or build a unique output item that appears in the Share menu. That output may be for a single file or a batch of files. There would be custom user interface dialogs for the user to securely enter their credentials (if necessary) and enter any appropriate metadata particular to the custom output.

Scenario: Audio and captioning and translation services
There are public APIs that support the creation of captions or even multiple captions with translations. A software developer could create an "Output to captioning service," allow the Camtasia user to select the track(s) with the contained audio (excluding, for instance, background music tracks) and then send the audio to the translation service API.

Scenario: Custom or new pipeline
MP4, GIF, M4A, and MOV are the primary output file types in Camtasia. A custom extension could use those out-of-box pipelines to create a new file by merely "calling" the appropriate output method that Camtasia supports.

The custom extension would also have the option to use a custom output format (codec?) that is unique to their workflow or the system receiving the file.

Scenario: Enhance existing capabilities
While Camtasia may offer the ability to output to a file or service, not all the metadata is available. For example, the YouTube output format does not allow a user to select the playlist, make a public comment, set whether the content is designed for children (US regulations anyway), and much more. A custom extension could be built called "Advanced YouTube..." and provide a more complete user interface for the Camtasia user.

These custom output extensions are designed to reduce or completely remove manual steps a Camtasia user must take after the content is output. That allows the Camtasia user to focus on content creation rather than dealing with the complexities of managing local files and using additional output tools and encoders after the fact.

Files vs services
In all these scenarios, the output could be local file(s) on the Camtasia user's computer, a web service, or both.

Ideally, there is a two-way communication whereby the output extension could even react to the response of an API and update the product. For example, if a file was sent to a closed captioning API, it could then add the resulting file into the media bin, however, that might be a more complex roadmap item.

Statement on additional extensions
I should note that this request could be to "create an extension in Camtasia", which would allow software developers to create custom effects, transitions, annotations, or more, but I feel it is best to keep this particular request focused on content output.
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Posted 2 months ago

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Hi Bill, this is a very nicely formatted request, thanks for putting so much thought into this!

I was almost certain this already existed but It turns out I was thinking of Snagit.

Hopefully this feature can make the jump to camtasia in the future.

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Thanks! I have been doing a lot of custom coding to speed up some of these operations and I kept thinking "why can't I just put my code into Camtasia?", so I mostly just took the scenarios and put them into a user story format.