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Hi everyone - We realize the SmartFocus feature is broken in Camtasia. The feature was originally designed to solve a problem of high resolution screen recordings being consumed at lower resolutions due to bandwidth or device restrictions. For instance a 1080p recording being used on a 720p canvas. Or even, dare I say, a 480p canvas. With the majority of devices now capable of displaying full resolution content, this is less of a problem today. In fact, because many people are recording at 1080p, then publishing at 1080p... SmartFocus is simply providing less benefit. 

However, to reiterate, it’s buggy and broken. Not trying to gloss over that in any way. 

So... Are we going to address this? Yes, but I don’t know what that is going to look like yet. We need to perform a deeper evaluation of the work and more importantly, prioritize it. Our queue is currently full for at least the next ten weeks. 

In the spirit of transparency, I can tell you this: One solution to SmartFocus not working is to remove the feature from the product. It’s not my favorite choice, but if we can’t fix what we have in a meaningful way within a reasonable amount of time, then removing the feature is the path that makes the most sense until we can re-introduce a tool that helps our customers easily draw attention to an area of focus in their videos. 

Thank you for your continued feedback and support. I may reach out to connect with some of you experiencing issues so I can better understand your needs. I realize this is not an ideal response if you've been frustrated with SmartFocus, but I will share what I know and keep you updated. 

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Jake Pechtel, Strategy Lead - Camtasia

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Posted 3 years ago

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It's a feature that was included, and thus should be fixed.  I can't use it at all, yet it's a feature that I constantly want.  Bad form Camtasia.
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That's fantastic. I upgraded less than a year ago but did not purchase the add on major Upgrade license since in my view upgrades should always be available for at least a year. I hope others like me won't have to pay the fee for this important functionality that went missing.

Respectfully offered,

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