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Hi All,

I would like to change my computer and also want to update Camtasia from 7 to 2018.

I have two question.

1.About Graphic Card for Camtasia , which graphic card is better?

Quadro P2000 or  GeForce GTX1060 ( or no difference?)

2.About change my computer, which process is better ?

change computer -> install Camtasia 7(new computer) -> upgrade to 2018(new computer)


upgrade to 2018(old computer) -> change computer -> install 2018(new computer)

I appreciate if you would answer these questions.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Okay I’ll start with the cards. And I’ll also concede that I’m no expert in the field, far from as a matter of fact.

That being said.

It would depend on exactly which card you are looking at with regards to the GeForce GTX 1060s. 1060s come with either 3 gigabytes of memory or 6 gigabytes of memory.

A Nvidia Founders addition 1060 with 6 GB of memory will cost you about the same as a Quadro P 2000. https://www.amazon.com/Founders-Pascal-Architecture-GeForce-Graphics/dp/B07F7JSNDS/ref=sr_1_20?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1532168387&sr=1-20&keywords=geforce+gtx+1060+6gb

Nvidia Quadro P 2000


the biggest differences between the 2 cards?

The Quadro can natively support four 5K monitors simultaneously. If you were to purchase a separate display port adapter you could run two 8K monitors. All of its video out connectors are display port connectors. So if you’re running an older monitor you may need an adapter to hook it up. The Quadro actually has fewer Cuda cores than the 1060. Programs like Premier Pro and After Effects have many special-effects that utilize GPU acceleration. In those instances, the more Cuda cores available the better. The Quadro has 1024. 1060 with 6 GB of RAM as 1280 and the 3 GB version has 1152.

The 1060s can run four 1920 x 1080 monitors. For video out it has dual link DVI out, HDMI and 3 display port. With the display port adapter you could run one 8K monitor using this card.

Both of these cards is more than enough for Camtasia in my opinion. If you are planning on getting into 3D designing or 4K monitors or 4K video editing I would go with the Quadro. I think 4K video is overrated. Don’t get me wrong it looks great. The file sizes are just far too large and unmanageable. I’m not saying you can’t store them and edit them. It’s sharing them that’s the problem. Short videos rendered in high quality require several GB to render. I live in the country where DSL is about as fast as Internet gets. It’s impractical to upload files of this size to anywhere. Couple that with the fact that unless your television is 80 inches in size or larger. 1080 P video looks pretty good.

The 1060 is more universal as far as connectors go. It has more Cuda cores. However, I don’t know how helpful they are in terms of using Camtasia. The Quadro is clearly geared towards high resolution displays whereas the 1060 is geared more towards editing power.

I'm running a GTX 660 OEM with 1152 Cuda cores and 1.5GB of Ram and it works great overall. When I'm throwing Particle Generators at it in Premiere Pro and After Effects I wish I would have sprung for a better card. But when it comes to Camtasia. I'm a 1920 x 1080p kind of guy. 

I run a 2556 x 1440 32” primary monitor for the canvas. That allows me to view the canvas at 100% resolution at all times with room to spare in any editing program.

The Timeline, properties panel etc. Is dealt with on a 23” 1920 x 1080 monitor. Camtasia wastes a lot of real estate between the Media panel and the Properties panel. But that’s another issue altogether.

 Purchasing a 4K monitor and scaling it up to 200% or more so you can see/read what’s there is kind of stupid in my opinion. It makes the computer work harder. My 32” monitor looks very sharp at the lower resolution. More than adequate in my opinion.

If you were going to edit 4K video on a 5K monitor. You would have the same luxury of editing at 100% resolution with room to spare that I enjoy at 1080p.


At least that’s my unprofessional conclusions.

As far as the computer goes. If you’re building a new computer I’m assuming you’re going to go with Windows 10? Camtasia 7 will not run properly on Windows 10. The recorder has serious glitches and so does the editor.

So building a new computer and installing Camtasia 7 should be off the table 100 percent.

Regards, Joe

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Hello, Mr. Joe,

First of all I thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing detailed explanation.

I understood the difference between Quadro and GeForce well. (GeForce is 6G's) I am not targeting 4K video editing yet, so they seem to have enough specs.

I use 2 monitors 1920X1080 only. Your system configuration is helpful as well.

Camtasia 7 does not work correctly on Win 10, is not it? I will try to insert an updated version on a new machine.

I thank you from my heart for carefully answering my rudimentary questions.

I hope you have a nice day.

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