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(This idea comes what what we’ve heard here in this community as well as from other customer feedback methods we utilize. The feedback we gather here will help us gauge how well it fits our users’ needs. Please let us know what you think)

The Problem:

Audio inconsistencies mean that my users are turning their volume up and down and sometimes I’m scaring them with uncomfortably loud volume after a previously quiet clip 

Potential Solution:

A colored audio meter on the recorder (with target audio levels) so I can make sure my voice is “just right.”

(edit to original post based on feedback) Another use case with the same underlying problem is normalizing audio across media with a editor based solution
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Posted 3 years ago

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Fantastic news David. I look forward to seeing what comes of this.
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So, still no audio meter in Camtasia 2018?  or did I overlooked something?
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weismar you are correc there is still no audio meter in Camtasia 2018 for Windows. At least the Mac Version does have an Audio Meter that shows more of the deicbels.
Not sure, if TechSmith is working on this for Windows or not but it would be a nice feature for making audio level adjustments more accurate before recording or have a way to see them if they start clipping when recording with the current slide lever meter the have which is not adjustable while recording.
Myself I have always recorded my script separate from Camtasia unless it is just a quick video to show someone for example a setting in a software or something else. I know it would be nice to have a full audio editing system for users of Camtasia but I find that for audio I prefer using my Pro Audio Editing DAW Software as that is what they were designed for as to where Camtasia has been designed more for screen recordings with the ability of adding some live video and has the basics of audio editing.
These are just my suggestions and thoughts and I know some will agree and others will disagree. Thanks for posting your question and have a great day/night and if you would like to share more of what you would like to see for the audio editor or audio meter then please post it back here.
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Today I believe that the better upgrade for Camtasia would be the support for external audio plugins (AU, VST). So, we could install free metering plugins like the attached image.

And, better than that, we could use any compressor, EQ or effect available! Like in Premiere Pro. AWESOME!!!
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Wow, I can't believe it's been 2-3 years since the idea of having some sort of audio meter in the SnagIt app and it still isn't included.  C'mon guys, why the wait?  This is something critical for any app that records audio and images.  Today I tried recording the same video 3 times with me speaking only to find that no matter what I did-- even with all the correct audio input settings-- the app still isn't recording my audio.  Just would like to have some sort of feedback from the app to let me know it is hearing me... something!!