Add keyboard shortcuts to Jing for frequently used actions

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I frequently use Jing to quickly create a screenshot and then either copy it to the system clipboard or save it to Do you agree it would be a good idea to provide keyboard shortcuts for these actions? How feasible is it to implement this?
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hi, and thanks for the feedback. We have talked about adding keyboard accelerators or some kind of hotkey combos to automate Jing captures even more. Every click counts!

Are you thinking more like you'd start the capture with a more advanced hotkey that would unleash a sequence of actions once you made your capture? Or, were you thinking something more along the lines where you use Jing just like today, but instead of having to click the Save button, you could press Control S, or something like that?

Thanks for posting!
Mike Curtis
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Well, could I opt for both? My initial suggestion was to have the Save action and the Copy-to-Clipboard action by pressing an appropriate local hotkey, but as you say, the other efficiency improvement would be most welcome as well.

My typical use case: all I need is a quick custom-area screenshot straight to the clipboard. I don't need the bells and whistles, so I always find myself needing to skip over the additional screens pressing the same buttons. Perhaps one or two additional global hotkeys, or hotkey modifiers (alt, shift, ctrl) would suffice.
I agree the less clicks and key presses to obtain the desired result, the better.

Next, of course, the action buttons to save to various output channels could benefit too from keyboard shortcuts.

BTW: I know I can obtain most desired results easily with SnagIt too, but somehow Jing appeals to me very much for these quick jobs - maybe also because I was let into the very early phases of development when it was still called Jing Project? ;-)
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I agree with CleverClogs here. The most common use for me (and perhaps the only use so far) is to capture an image to paste into another document. Would be cool if I could assign a shortcut to it.

Maybe: Alt + whatever is the main shortcut can be set to a favorite action so with one keypress I'm ready to drag an image and paste it in.

I'd also be happy with just Ctrl+C once I've got the image in Jing to mean that I want to copy to clipboard.

I see this has been 10 months now, any chance it will happen?
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One thing I'd like to add to the keyboard shortcut option is to copy a screenshot that has an instance requiring a mouse hover. For example, if I want to capture a shot of the pop-up from hovering my cursor over something, the moment I go to click on the Jing Sun + tab, the pop-up disappears (of course). Would love a way to capture the hover-pop-ups. ~Thanks
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Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions! I'll be sure to pass it on to the development team!

Any updates on the status of this will be posted to this thread.

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Any update on this? You can define this kind of shortcut in Onenote, which is great!
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Start sequence/capturing shortcut already exists in settings.
Then I select area in the screen and choose between video and image.
Most of the time, I choose image. Once this is chosen, I choose between Save/Copy/Share. Could you add shortCut for this final step?
Ctrl + C to copy image to clipboard. 
Ctrl + S to save on disk.
Ctrl + shift + S to share.
Esc to discard/close/cancel current capture

I know you guy want to simplify it by cutting the selection between image and video and that isn't simple, but meanwhile could you just add these shortcut to your existing application. This really isn't must change to it and would make it event more enjoyable to user. Some user don't choose it because this is missing.

In short, there is a small step that can be done without much effort that would bring big reward. 

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Tim - you're spot on, that's what I need it for - it's almost a must to have that really. Thanks Jessie
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Id like to have this shortcuts as well.
The minimum -> cant it be CTRL+C works for copying to clipboard (currently we have to press the application button).

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