Adding Color Palette - Back to Basics from Version 12

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I know I am beating a dead horse here but can someone from Snagit look to add back the color palette in version 12? I am told to post this as an idea - more like going back to basics. 
The standard color palette can be added somewhere in the drop down for the color selection.
Thank you very much.
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Posted 11 months ago

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Rick Stone

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Hi there

That's not likely to ever happen. Because version 12 is about three versions old now.

The best you can do is to add that image as a stamp. Then use the eyedropper to sample it when you need it. Additionally, you can probably add some of these colors to the list of "My Colors" that is shown below the color area.  I'm not sure, but I think that may be possible in version 12. 

Cheers... Rick :)

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I do agree with the OP though.  The basic palette is so limited and includes colours that I would never use in a month of Sundays, like the blue and yellow.

It just seems you have to work so much harder to create the colours you want
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Rick Stone

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Yeah. personally I was a bit dismayed myself when the colors changed to the pastels.

Sadly I think it's one of these trends that these "UX *EXPERTS*" have decided that we all need to have foisted upon us. I've seen similar things in Adobe products I use.
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Agree.  To a point.  This is content rather than UX.  My guess is that someone decided to use a funky new component to deliver the colour palette, without thinking through the consequences for real users.

BTW I'm not sure I'd describe the new palette as "pastels."  Kindergarten poster paint would be closer. :)
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What SnagIt could use is a Swatches Panel.

That way you could store any color combinations you want and discard the rest. I never used 1/2 the colors from the old style SnagIt color palette.

I had nothing better to do so I used the old color palette and made some quick selections in Photoshop.

Deleted the the rest. Through a process I won't describe in detail I let Photoshop generate a Swatch from those colors.

Photoshop has it's own way of putting colors in order. There may be another way to rearrange them?But there all there.
You can right click and delete the ones you don't like.

Or add as many as you like through the color picker.

You can rename/name them.
Create several versions/library's of color palettes.
Photoshop comes with more colors than I need or ever look at.

With a swatch panel, you click a color to select a color.