Adding quick properties behavior to existing intro?

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I'm a college professor, teaching AutoCAD and Revit, and have been using Camtasia for a while now. The Template functions are very useful to me in the latest version, but I already have an existing intro and outro for demonstration videos for my courses. In them, I use text callouts for course names and video titles.

Is there a way to introduce template functionality into these existing text Callouts? Currently, I have to scrub to and edit each course name and video title for each production. Since the introduction of Templates, I thought it would be great to simply designate certain existing elements as Template elements for quick changes.

Please see the screenshot showing an example timeline and the position of the text callout.

Thank you for all the help!

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Posted 2 months ago

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Unfortunately, you cannot create a Template per-say like TechSmith can. I'm not sure if TechSmith is calling their editable assets templates or what exactly?

However, I've got a hack that may appeal to you.
In the stock library assets, I came across 3 stock assets utilized 3 titles each. It appears your using 5 in total. But you can gain access to 3 simultaneously with this technique.

Heres the "Weekend" lower third on the timeline. I have the group opened so you can see the contents as they appear in an unaltered state. The other two 3 title library assets are on the timeline to the left.
I created a partial mock up of your project to the right. 


So, I started by changing the duration of the lower third.

I opened the group and deleted the shape callouts. The key is you cannot Un-Group the lower third, it you do.the assets become nothing more than callouts.

I dragged text callout to the center of the canvas, deleted the applied behaviour, changed the the font and text.
I changed it duration to look similar to your screen shot.
I added a couple of animations to boot.

Then, I did the same for the other 2.

As you can see in the screenshot, it behaves just like TechSmith assets. You can change all the titles by simply selecting the callout.

Theres no reason you can't add  behaviors or other effects to the text. You could save it to your Library and use it elsewhere for that matter.

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Thanks Joe. I'll explore this for sure. You say the key is that you can't ungroup the assets? I have animations that bring the titles in, fading in from above, fading out to below. I assume these can be added back...

Honestly though, it's a little frustrating to not have access to this kind of 'templateing' behavior since one of the primary reasons behind encouraging users to use templates is to shorten and regulate workflows. Without an option to allow users to assign template behaviors to elements, the whole idea of the template system is pretty narrowly executed. 

As I mentioned, I teach AutoCAD and Revit, whose entire file system relies on templates, so I'm very familiar with the purpose behind their use. It would be nice if Techsmith provides another incremental update in the next couple of months that addresses this shortcoming. 
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Yeah, you can Open a group as many times as you want. Manipulate whats in there.Add the behavior or animation of your choosing. At least, I can't foresee any limitations.

I've unintentionally hit Ungroup on many occasions. I work with groups often.

The 2 options are  stacked directly on top of each other. l can hit undo to recover but its a little aggravating at times.Plus, the gold bounding box that defines the difference between an open group and one thats ungrouped. Can be subtle at times.
Ungroup wipes out applied animations. It doesn't take long to figure out I've ungrouped as a result.  

I've read posts from TechSmith suggesting they may provide this functionality down the road. When?