Additional Shapes/effects for Magnify

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Magnify is pretty limited in Snagit 13.  Circle with border. done.
I can change the magnification, the diameter of the circle, and border color/thickness.  Nothing more.

These are the additional functionality I'd like to see:
  1. Other Shapes (rectangle with rounded edges, in particular)
  2. Magnify one area, but display magnification elsewhere (like a callout)
  3. Lines that show where it came from (akin to Rick Stone's post here )
If I want to magnify, say, a tiny piece of text, I want to indicate clearly what it is, it must be magnified quite a bit.  The aspect ratio ofthe text is very high.  The circle's aspect ratio 1:1.  This means that what I want to emphasize through magnification is not obvious because it is dwarfed by all the stuff around it that had to be magnified as well, and the context/exact placement of what was magnified is obscured.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I came here hoping that I wasn't the only one interested in a rectangular shaped quick style for the Spotlight and Mangify tool.  I haven't found too many uses for the circular tool.  Often times, what I want to magnify is rectangular, and to include it all I need to make the circle so big it blocks out the rest of the picture. A rectangular option (either round cornered or not) would be a very welcome addition to Snagit v13
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Thanks for the tutorial.  Selecting a rectangular area and then adjusting the Zoom level under Effects works pretty well, although I'd still like to see a bordered rectangular shape included in the Quick styles just for simplicity's sake.

I'm still learning the new interface so videos like this are really helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there!
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Here's my current take on what a more ideal magnifier might look like:
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Official Response
Like you mentioned Bruce, we saw this request (or something pretty similar last month).

It still continues to be one of the top requests we’ve gotten in the last several months. And as a reminder, adding this functionality to the magnify tool is something we wanted to get in for the 13.0 and 4.0 release. But we ran out of time. We will definitely keep this in mind when we revisit our work on callouts and specifically the magnify tool. I'm a huge fan of both:
  • A different shape for the magnifier
  • Pulling off the magnified portion from overtop the original and having the lines connecting it.
Thank you for the conversation around this!
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any update on this since it's been 2 years since this post? - new snagit customer
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I was going to ask the same question. Thanks! 
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I hate to say it but I think the official response is, " Not  Going To Happen"

Not Planned means the Idea is DOA. You will see this at the top of the post.

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and yet here we are.... 2 years later.... with no shapes other than a circle for the magnifier tool.