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One of the features I use most frequently in SnagIt is the “Step” stamp. This is a very powerful feature that makes explaining a process a lot quicker.

There are however certain changes that I would like to see implemented that could greatly augment this tool (some of these features have already been requested by other users):

  1. Ability to manually edit height and width of the stamps, preferably with option to lock/unlock aspect ratio. This would allow the user to create steps across multiple images with a consistant look and feel.
  2. Allow alternate sequences such as:
    • Upper case roman numerals: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X... 
    • Lower case roman numerals: i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii, viii, ix, x,...
    • Combined sequences: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4...
  3. Autorotate text in stamp such that the text is always upright.
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Agree with most of the points. But the auto rotate has been built in for a long while. Maybe even present from the beginning?  I do suppose it's possible that you mean that the text should be independent and simply stay put in a vertical orientation regardless of the angle of rotation.

And sure, it's possible to adjust height and width to suit. But the main issue is that it's not remembered between sessions or stored as part of the settings for the Quick Styling.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Thanks for your clarification Rick, and yes I  did mean that the text should rotate independently from the stamp, something it already does if you rotate is by 180°, but not for everything in-between.

And yes the sizes are adjustable, and it would be nice to have them saved between sessions, but the ability to see the dimension values would also allow for a greater degree of control.
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I like your idea. I would like something similar. See below. The "Capture Info" effect is too big and I can't place it where I want it.

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Richard Case

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Thanks Guys.  I've updated the script a little bit.  Now there are two variations:
* Simply convert Ctrl+1 thru Ctrl+9 to Alt+Letter as needed.  This is clean and easy, but if you change your Menu bar order, they will change.  It's also limited to 9 items.
* Use the mouse coordinates for the menu and store these click locations to AHK.  The following is perhaps assuming a screen resolution like mine so you might need to use the AHK tool called "Window Spy" to look at the coordinates for your mouse when placed on the menus; some trial and error, perhaps.

So here's the new code.  Then I'll try to post a gif to show both approaches in that order (first attempt shows as Internal Server Error).

; Snagit:
; a function to open menu Image>Tools and click with mouse at a certain location e.g., some yAxis coordinates:
; Favorites  40
; Arrows     65
; Text       90
; Callout    110
; Shape      125
; Stamp      160
; Fill       180
; Move       205
; Collection 230
    MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
    MouseClick, Left, 100,10
    Mouseclick, Left, 100,40
    Mouseclick, Left, 330,yPosInMenu
    MouseMove, %xpos%, %ypos%
; Map Alt letters to Ctrl shortcuts or tool menu locations in Snagit:
#IfWinActive ahk_class SnagIt9Editor
    !f::ChooseFromToolsMenu(40)  ; favorites
    !c::ChooseFromToolsMenu(110) ; callout
    !s::send ^2                  ;Ctrl+2 shortcut menu item, Selection for now
    !t::send ^3
    !a::send ^4
    !r::send ^5
    !b::send ^7
    !v::send ^8
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Uploading a gif wasn't working (1.2MB) but here it is on imgur: 

AHK in Snagit
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Richard Case

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Ok, this is better.  I'd had trouble with accessing menu via keys before but got it working.  This avoids the mouse position.  

This is a good primer on AHK:

In the below, I first have a function that picks from the menu Image>Tools.  Then I use the function for each of my hotkeys. 

!f means Alt+F.  

^!f means Ctrl+Alt+F (which I use to make a personalized version of Flatten All)

; Snagit:
; A function to choose from Image>Tools items by menu position:
; 0  Favorites
; 1  Arrows
; 2  Text
; 3  Callout
; 4  Shape
; 5  Stamp
; 6  Fill
; 7  Move
; 8  Selection
; 9  Blur
; 10  Simplify
; 11  Magic Wand
; 12  Crop
; 13  Cutout
; 14  Pen
; 15  Line
; 16  Highlighter
; 17  Step
; 18  Eraser
; 19  Magnify
	Send !io
	Loop, %OrdinalPositionInMenu% {
		Send {Down}
	Send {Enter}

; Alt+letters to access from tool menu in Snagit:
#IfWinActive ahk_class SnagIt9Editor
    !f::ChooseFromToolsMenu(0)  ; favorites
    ^!f::Send,^+t               ; flatten all Ctrl+Alt+F (remapped)
    !c::ChooseFromToolsMenu(3)  ; callout
    !s::ChooseFromToolsMenu(8)  ; selection
    !t::ChooseFromToolsMenu(2)  ; text
    !p::ChooseFromToolsMenu(5)  ; stamp
    !a::ChooseFromToolsMenu(1)  ; arrows
    !r::ChooseFromToolsMenu(4)  ; shape
    !b::ChooseFromToolsMenu(9)  ; blur
    !v::ChooseFromToolsMenu(7)  ; move
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Richard Case

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I posted another gif last night showing what the AHK "Window Spy" looks like on this thread:
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Richard Case

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Since I seem to be going crazy with Autohotkey solutions to my Snagit shortcomings, I mocked up another script for you.  It's simple and basically types the system clock timestamp (so you should have a text cursor waiting).  It only runs when Snagit 9 has focus.  I'd recommend using Callout stamps, as I show in my gif.

    FormatTime, now,, yyyy-M-d HH:mm:ss
    SendInput %now%
; Keyboard shortcuts for Snagit:
#IfWinActive ahk_class SnagIt9Editor
    ; Type the date / time (Alt+z):

Good luck!