Allow multiple camera inputs to record video from multiple angles, sources, simultaneously.

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Add ability to record multiple Camera Inputs at the same time and have the feed for each input saved on its own track. It is now a common practice to record subjects from various angles when doing training, sales, etc. videos. At the moment, you can only record one camera and the screen at the same time. 
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You'll need a more robust editing program to accomplish this.  Multi-camera tracks and sources to be married with on-screen capture.   That's read broadcast editing.   FCPX
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While getting Camtasia to do simultaneous multiple-source recording would be a massive task, the ability to cue up and cut between multiple sources once they've been recorded would be very useful. Multiple camera work is possible in Camtasia, of course, but it's done the old school manual way of manual splitting and deleting parts of multiple tracks, and it's not a particularly effecient workflow.

I would say an improved workflow for managing multicam cueing/switching/editing would be the feature that would sell me on the upgrade to the next version of Camtasia when it comes out.

At the most basic level, I like to use poor-man's-multicam, where a software zoom is used to simulate a second camera and avoid a jumpcut. This is currently achieved by recording at a higher resolution than the final production, and having two copies of the clip: one scaled "Actual size", one "scale to fit". Actual size becomes a close-up and you just shift the frame to capture the part of the image you want in the close-up.

I would really love to be able to bundle up mutliple video streams into a single "unit" and then have a simple camera switch mechanic, rather than having to split and delete, split and delete, split and delete....
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I had the same problem, so I wrote a little tool that captures two cameras for me. Does not capture the screen, though. Cutting between the two cameras in Camtasia is pretty easy: Select both videos, split them both, delete either the upper or lower part - or both.

If you are on windows, you can try it out. For now, there is only the open source version that you will have to build yourself. I will probably also put a packaged version to the windows store (cheaply but not for free) later.