Allow to set default folder for all captures in program settings

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Up front:
I know the 'default image capture folder' is on the February " Feature Request Round-Up " list.
It is counted as 5 of 6 votes there. But actually this topic has been requested before in other threads, so the counts should be higher I suppose.
That aside, I am unsure about the status of the idea, i.e. whether or not it is 'under consideration',  declined, or will be implemented.
So, please allow to me to bring it up again. Leave it to TechSmith to remove it in case of need.

The "Set default save folder" has been asked before a few times.

Like here...

Title: Set default save folder

Title: SnagIt: new option under program preferences : one default storage folder for all profiles

Title: How to change Snagit default auto-store folder

For me, being able to set 1 folder for all captures would be great!

Right now, for each and every profile(!)   the output folder should be assigned. Also after a fresh install, requiring roughly 10 clicks per profile.

Currently, after having saved the files, I usually rename them and move them over to relevant other folders.

Whilst having 1 folder for all outputs, if another save to folder is required, then that could be set in the specific profile.
e.g. one might save all images into \..\images  (set as default)
and videos into \..\videos (set in the profile to override the default)

However, should that be too complicated, then leave it to 1 folder for all outputs.
Note: this would be an option!

Meaning, either
- 1 folder be set in the program settings (in v13 File->Capture preferences) same way as it is set per profile)
- folder be set per profile (like now)

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Posted 3 years ago

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This might be something to be added to the quick access toolbar. Configurable save icons to a specific folder. If you want to make it always go to one folder, they need to add a check box or something so you can over ride that
The link you provide is for setting the auto store and that is a different thing
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Sorry for the delay Rick, was off for a few days.
Thanks for the above.

I think I am gonna add this to the "Feedback Feature Request Round-Up"
Currently, when using multiple profiles (I believe I have some 20+, like with, without caption, with, without border, those with SnagItEditor preview or not...) setting the fixed folder per profile is really a boring thing. It seems that the folder is 'hardcoded', i.e. it can't be changed in a registry setting.

This would be a better option.


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Great idea,
I hope to realize the CR will come soon :-))

On a Workstation I use two Operatingsystems (win7 and winX) with also more users.
When Snagit stores the screenshots and the workfile in one central Folder Shared for all it will be easier to work.

Is there any way to configure Snagit to use ONE Special Folder for the captured and edited files?