Allow Dotted and Dashed Lines for Shapes

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Could you include dashes and dotted lines for Shapes, i.e. square, circles, etc? I am not sure why this feature is absent and have been drawing boxes using 4 dashed lines manually and its very unproductive.

btw, I have been a registered user of Snagit since version 5 or 6.
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Posted 9 years ago

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I have also been looking for this feature. I've been a user since version 8 and with all the cool features that have been added since then I'm surprised this has not been added. If you are reading this message and agree with this request, please "like" this idea so it gets the attention of the developers.
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James Chacko

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I absolutely agree! I have version 10 and it does not have this feature - seems pretty basic.
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Please add support for this feature.
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Paul Ceely

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FWIW, I too would love to have dashed lines for shapes. Not having to draw rectangles with lines would save me so much time!

PLEASE add support for this feature.
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Hi, I am using Snagit  11.4 on Win7 64 bit. Still missing the dashed lines for shapes.
Any idea how this can be made available? It appears just greyed out?

Please make this feature available soon!
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A line with dashes, dots, and dash-dot variations would improve image annotation callouts.  

A Green dash-line is installed with SnagIt.  However, when the line width size is reduced the space between dashes is too compressed.  

Callout lines with dashes, dots, and mixed dashes and dots, would reduce the cluttered appearance of complex images.  Line profiles created with text examples applied to new line creations and have character spacing control would solve this line notation weakness.  

Dash and dot line displays should include shape outlines and text balloons.  

Many images require annotation callouts with leader lines.  Leader lines should have an optional arrow.  Lines should have a short leader section that will bend from the text area so the text stays horizontal when the line is angular.

Annotation callouts with the current numbering, letter automation series would reduce more time when each callout ID doesn't need to be edited.
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Fred Grover, Champion

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That is a great idea. I would like to see that myself and maybe they will see this and put it into a feature request. Thanks for sharing that feedback with everyone. Have a great day/night.
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Thanks for the support Fred.

I do a lot of documenting.  To accomplish annotation on busy screens, I purchased a Help File program.  That software, Dr.Explain, has a screen capture that will automate the annotations.  Each callout can be removed, or a new callout added when needed.  Callout will automatically renumber when it generates HTML code and link subtopics description areas.

Their auto-annotation feature is great at recognizing the name of software controls that only appear as buttons, links, or list in a list-box area.  It also will annotate drop-down menu items and manual other areas in a dialog screen.  

All this automation can make the process faster.  With an auto-annotated screen image I find it is easy to see the scope of the documentation needed.  Imagine how much better it would be if SnagIt could do this.  We could have the image on one layer, with the callouts on another.  This could allow us to tweak an image without disturbing the reference items.  I can't do that with Dr.Explain.  They see their mission as a Help file builder.  SnagIt is about capturing images and editing them.

I don't build Help files using that program, but I callouts edits are easy.  SnagIts image capabilities far exceed what I can do in Dr.Explain, but the time I save it makes sense to use the HTML in my main Help software.

If SnagIt could generate a similar callout process, more time could be saved, and the images would look a lot better.

For now, I'm just dreaming that SnagIt's 13 release will add features that add some of these ideas.  Effective screen documentation requires a lot of work  

Do you know how to get this information put on a wish list?
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Fred Grover, Champion

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You could maybe re-post this in the Ideas section and see if that works. Also, at the top is a Like Button and the more people that click that button helps also. I just Liked it myself. Hope this helps too and if the TechSmith Employees see it they can change it to an Idea or Feature Request for the new version. Thanks for posting back your feedback again. Have a great day/night.
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Agree Fred - have been using SnagIt since as long as I remember - still have to stop writing SnagIt (stop capitalising I) and have a box of goodies that Betsy sent me when I was rolling out SnagIt - despite the many good features that that have been added over the years (plus a few lemons)  

I have always wanted dashed outlines - although reading through the message boards it seems that there has been various posts on this subject which have been met with cordial responses from the monitoring team.

I'm now at a company where I write various tech and user docs - while there aren't that many standards one of the required highlighting features is to draw dashed boxes around 'areas of interest'.  Everyone else uses other screen snappers of various types - but I don't want to change ...

On that basis - I have two options
1. Draw a box with two lines and copy paste plus grouping (for alignment ... )
2. Take my image into (say) Word and then draw a dashed shape using Word shapes and then group into the new image. 

As you can appreciate neither (for various reasons) are particularly optimal - but hey this is relatively minor in the scheme of things - but still a major productivity/flexibility  problem

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