Animating text callouts to grow

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How to create an animation that makes a text callout grow?

This is what I tried so far: I created my text callout full size. I applied an animation to the beginning of the callout to make it tiny. Then made another animation after that to grow it to full size using the scale slider in both cases to set the size of the callout. When I play the clip, either I can't see the callout at all or it pops in large and doesn't grow (and I don't know what I do differently to get those different results). I was able to make text callouts shrink into nothing no problem but can't get the reverse to work.

Note: I have limited access to the computer where Camtasia resides so I can't make a screencast of the problem until next week, if then, but I thought I'd ask anyway since I've missed my deadline on this project already.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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Posted 7 years ago

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Hey Elizabeth,

After you add your callout, you can head over to the visual properties tab, and adjust the call out there. When you have it at the size you'd like it to be, just click Add Animation up at the top. Than you can adjust it to whatever size you'd like it to animate to, and then click Add Animation again. You can see how it's done here with a short video I made:

Hope that helps!
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Please do a demo to make "text" grow.  I tried your suggestion without success. No problem doing it to a graphic, though.
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I am trying to emulate, somewhat, a "callout" the church creates in Windows Moviemaker Live, which grows the text.  When I click on the video link the result is, "We're sorry! We were unable to locate the requested page."  Could the link be updated?  Thanks.
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I have a similar issue. 
I create the text at the size i want it to start at. Add animation and move playhead to after animation. Resize text to make it shrink. Go back to before animation arrow and it has resized the before.....
not sure what I am doing wrong and Logan, I would love to watch the video you mentioned above but the link does not work.
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Hi there

See if this video helps.

Cheers... Rick :)
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Having the same issue as Sharyn, my camtasia isn't behaving the same way as yours. I can't seem to animate the text growing in size from either side of the animation arrow. Despite trying to change it from both sides, it only manipulates the text globally across the file.
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Thanks rick. That is what I have been doing...same as in V8.6. Now though, when i have the playhead at the end of the custom animation arrow and resize text, the text at front of image is resized at same time.
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Well - thanks for that demo video!  All I ever saw when I selected 'Animations was the Zoom & Pan display which affects the whole screen ... clicking on the 'Animations button at the top  (I thought that was just the 'name' of the effect repeated ... d'oh!!) revealed all the other options ... and now I can animate an arrow for example.   This REALLY does need a full explanatory User Guide PDF and not just the 'beginners guide' that seems to come with it.   I keep looking for one ...