Anyone try using a drawing tablet with Camtasia Studio?

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I would love to hook up a drawing tablet to my pc and while I am capturing a video I could draw on the screen at the same time. I wonder if the tablet software would let you draw on anything that is on the screen.

Anyone try this
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Posted 7 years ago

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You can do it directly in Camtasia Studio. Check out this video on using ScreenDraw:


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You should be able to capture anything shown onscreen, including things that you draw with a stylus or drawing tablet. So to answer your question... yes, we do have users that are doing this with Camtasia Studio. It's common for a math teacher to use a tablet to illustrate a math lesson, and record it with Camtasia Studio, for example.
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Instead of capturing the tablet software, I guess I was wondering of the tablet could allow people to draw on anything. Perhaps a question for the tablet people. Though kurrykid answered my question. Brilliant! Why is this feature so well hidden? In the video his drawings seemed a little rough. I wonder if he was using a mouse. Perhaps a tablet would give smoother results. Great though. I'm going to try this out. Btw, I never stop bragging about this software and the support.
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In the video his drawings seemed a little rough. I wonder if he was using a mouse. Perhaps a tablet would give smoother results.

He is probably using a tablet but you need to know that Camtasia Studio (or SnagIt) doesn't support pressure sensitivity. That's the reason why it looks rough.
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I would like to record lessons while the teacher anotates and draws on his slides.
Surface Pro 2 or 3 + pen seems the best tool for writing and drawing on a powerpoint: the handwriting is quite good, you can even use a ruler... and you can choose to use your pen as a pencil, a highlighter or a "laser" point.

But what about the recording? I know that Camstasia can record a screencast from a Surface pro tab. But will the recorded drawing look just like it appears on the tablet screen, or do we risk to have surprises like in the case above?

Many thanks for your answers!

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Camtasia and Snagit just record the screen, so it's not the recorder that isn't pressure sensitive - its the program *taking* the writing. So, PowerPoint will not have pressure sensitive strokes included. 

The jump to writing on the screen with a tablet PC is easier to make than jumping to something like a Wacom tablet. It takes some time to get the muscle memory just right in your hand, but once you get better, the writing improves dramatically.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Does ScreenDraw in Camtasia Studio work with the Microsoft Surface Pro stylus?.

I would like to make annotations on my screen recordings using my Microsoft Surface 3 Pro stylus. Does it work with ScreenDraw which is built into Camtasia Studio?
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Hi Santi,
I've added your question to this existing thread. Please see this tutorial on our blog about Screendraw and what is possible with Camtasia Studio:

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