April 2017 Feature Request Round-Up

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Hello TechSmith Community!

This month's Feature Request Round-up is a few days late in observance of the holiday weekend.

As mentioned in previous months, the Feature Request Round-Up process is a process that will evolve over time. We have now been conducting these monthly round-ups for sixth months and it is time for me to collect the information and feedback that I have received, review it and make any applicable changes. While this means that the process may be changing, feature requests should still be submitted and I will continue to collect and tally them and put them into a round-up thread (this process seems to go over quite well). Once I have reviewed the past six months' worth of data and make any necessary changes, I will be sure to update the community.I would like to point out that each and every feature request is reviewed, with those that have the most votes and highest community interaction are more likely to be responded to by the Product Development team (note that this does not mean that the feature will absolutely be included in a future update), so make sure you are out there championing your feature request both here on the TechSmith community forums and within in your own social and professional circles. Without further ado, here are the Feature Requests from March 15, 2017 through April 15, 2017, make sure you head to their original threads and click the "Vote" button for it to count!

Camtasia (Windows):
Camtasia (Mac): Snagit (Windows) Snagit (Mac) Other


Again, thank you for your continued support and remember, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, please open a ticket.


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Posted 3 years ago

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Jesús Sánchez

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I really have lost my faith in which (someday) Techsmith would understand that, to present a decent text, in a presentation, in a video demo, you need Text Justification. PowerPoint use text justification, Photodex has text justification, Premiere has text justification... and I can continue all day...
When you are creating a videotutorial and you present a text that is not justified is very ugly, and the contents is not taken seriously.
  • In a business environment, where paragraphs need to describe a product is usual, text justification is a "must have" feature.
This is text justification.
That is justification. A clean text, aligned on both sides.

And what do we have right now in Camtasia and Snag It?

We have this (observe how ugly is this):

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean elementum odio
non est mollis posuere sed ac sem. Proin fringilla accumsan lectus, eu aliquam eros blandit
eget. Praesent mollis tincidunt nibh, in vulputate urna varius eget. Praesent
aliquet eget dolor vitae ultricies. Sed dui lorem, euismod nec tempus
nec, sagittis feugiat diam. Nam eget erat vitae arcu commodo imperdiet non

There are people who says hey! use Illustrator, make the text there, export it as a JPG and then, paste it in the Camtasia timeline.

No way!

That involve a lot of work, specially when you need to create large products presentation, with a large quantity of text.

Why Techsmith do not understand text Justification is important?
Why a so basic feaure is never implemented, something that all your competence implement already?

I really do not understand this. Is a total mistery for me.

And to that I must add another mistery. Why it is never in Spanish?
Is very strange, extremely strange... all companies have a version in Spanish of their software... why Techsmith never release Camtasia and Snag it in Spanish?

Five hundred and sixty-seven million people speak spanish as native speakers.
Not boarding a market so huge is totally incomprehensible. I really don't know who deal with the Marketing there...
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I'm not any sort of expert, nor did I sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night so I can't fake it well, but for me personally, I find the "jagged edge" type of text to actually be much easier to read and follow than fully justified text is. Especially once you go beyond about three lines.

The fact the text ends in odd places on the right seems to provide nice visual cues as to where you left off or should begin the new line. With fully justified text, as a reader, I find myself frequently lost and searching up and down the text for where the next line should be.

But as I said, I'm but one lone voice in the crowd. And in no way am I suggesting it isn't needed and shouldn't be offered.

Cheers... Rick :)
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My God Rick  :D, you would be only person in this world that think left align is better tan justified. Microsoft is wrong then? Premiere is wrong then? All Word processors from the world are wrong then? PowePoint also wrong? The point is, sometimes you need justification and sometimes you don't need it. For headlines, of course, we don't need justifications, but for paragraphs, beleive me, it is better.

Come on man ;) you already know this is so basic as the wheel.


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I prefer left justified rather than centered.  Sad that, despite your name, you have lost your faith and call on your god :D to counter Rick's opinion.
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Has any request round-up idea, since it's inception, had any idea selected.  I have seen no notice of such.  (I may have easily missed an accepted idea.)  However, the link below was a TechSmith consolidation of an issue which received more votes last month and a high number of votes this month BEFORE the round-up.

Despite the interest, TechSmith has decided not to even include the idea in this month's round-up.