Arrows sometimes shift content a little, sometimes a lot?

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Q: In regular selection mode, is there some way to control how much the up and down arrows move a selected image, a certain number of pixels say?  For example, to be able to specify each move is only one pixel at a time would be really really useful.

Background:  I often want to shift the position of an image just a bit, usually up or down. 

I do this by selecting the image, and then using the up and down arrows to move it, just a bit each time, to get it where I want.

I don't use the mouse, because I need to keep canvas snapping on, since I want the image to be exactly centered, and moving with the mouse inevitably shifts it a bit left or right.

Now, sometimes each press of the up or down arrow moves the image just a bit.  However, sometimes they move it quite a bit.  Which defeats the whole purpose of using the arrows to move things just slightly.  I can't figure out why sometimes they move things just a bit, and other times in big jumps.

I have found a workaround: select the crop icon, at the top center of the screen.  If you have selected the cursor, for some reason the up and down arrows sometimes cause big jumps, but, so far, I have found that if you select the crop icon, then the up and down arrows move things a much smaller amount.

But then I have to remember to select crop, move things, and then click the cursor selection arrow again, since I rarely want to crop anything and mainly want to be in selection mode.  I'd much rather be able to specify that, in selection mode, the arrows only move things a very small amount.

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on my system, it seems that canvas zoom affects the behavior of media moves using the arrow keys

more zoom = better control

holding ctrl while using the arrow keys makes for very small moves

holding shift while using the arrow keys makes for large moves

perhaps experiment? 
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Ah yes, that works.  Sometimes it seems to get stuck on "big moves", so I need to hold down ctrl and arrow, then shift and arrow, then ctrl and arrow again to get back to small moves.

Yes, zooming helps as well.

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Ctrl + ; can be used to toggle snapping on/off. That may also help when trying to fine tune movement with the mouse.
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Holy crap that's tricky!