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I often have to export audio as .WAV and bring it into Adobe Audition so I can clean up any noise, or silence breath sounds or other extraneous sounds that may have been captured while recording narration.

What I'd love is if I didn't have to pay for two separate applications in order to produce high quality videos, because if the audio is bad, then you've distracted your audience and they will refuse to watch your videos or pay attention during them. This is unacceptable.

So having the ability to do the things I typically do in Audition, but in Camtasia would be ideal. Those things are:

* Noise capturing and noise reduction that is applied to entire audio using the audio sample captured.
* Heads Up Display (HUD) which is a volume control knob that allows you to quickly silence any highlight piece of audio (helps to remove breath sounds and other noises).
* Automatic Click remover (helps remove clicks and other ticking sounds made by my tongue when speaking).
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I agree. I use WavePad to clean audio more efficiently
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I use Adobe Audition for Audio files. For both recording and editing. Camtasia is seriously lacking in the audio editing side. Audio is more crucial than the video. Viewers will watch average video quality if the audio is excellent, but if the audio is poor even with excellent video, viewers will turn off.
I would like to see a better Audio Editing system in Camtasia. For example, the audio recorded when you do a full screen recording is far better than the audio recorded using the Voice Narration option within Camtasia Studio, why is that?? This means I have to rerecord using the screen capture option, delete the non required video just to get the same quality audio again. Instead I should be able to record audio at the same quality when required.
I would also like to see more options for editing Audio such as better control over noise and levels. It tends to be hit and miss, hence I use Audition for recording and editing.
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Agree with DM and the level of quality the tool provides.  A more efficient audio tool would make our level of skillsets improve while we could spend less time perfecting with the current audio toolset.  When splitting audio clips, the result is hit and miss due the ability of the editing tool to pinpoint the file partition.  Thanks for the recommendation of Audition.  Will check it out!  Other options would be appreciated? 
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It would be nice and I will vote.  However, given others have stated the noise removal capabilities of C9 have been reduced it is unlikely this idea will be entertained.
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I would agree with everyone who feels that Camtasia Studio or their Products lack in the Audio Areas. They could make a lot of improvements to that feature of their software they offer. I almost always use Adobe Audition for my audio editing when needed unless it is just a quick tip or something where the quality does not have to be perfect. For those who do not have Adobe Audition then you could use the free audio editing software Audacity. I too hope that TechSmith makes some major upgrades to their audio editing features soon.

I use an Analog Mixer when recording at home and have it routed for a Mix Minus and also record into a Digital Audio Recorder straight in from the Mixer Board. Then I just import that audio into my Camtasia or SnagIt Videos and delete any others and it gets great audio almost every time and leaves me with less editing pending on what I am doing. When working on a Course or something for a client then yes use the Pro Setup and when just making quick videos for users I just use my USB Logitech Headset Mic and go from there.

I hope that TechSmith gets on the Audio Train soon to get some long requested features into their software audio functions/features/options. Thanks for posting everyone and I know how you feel and can relate to that. Have a great day/night.
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Contrarian view: I use Audacity to record audio and make major edits, then do sync edits (splits, breath removal and adjusting length) on the Camtasia timeline. 

It would be WONDERFUL to have better level control & normalization in Camtasia, which has been discussed here often. However, mainstream Audio editing is as complicated as video, if not more so when you consider all the plug in capabilities of the major audio editing packages out there.

Imagine if Techsmith put their entire development team on audio enhancements for a year. We'd end up with second-rate audio capabilities compared to Audacity (free), and no enhancements at all to Camtasia's main focus, video. We'd still used Audacity or Audition or ProTools or whatever and be unhappy because Camtasia wasn't improving!

I'd rather have Techsmith focus on video editing features, and just acknowledge that the tricky stuff (noise removal & most plugin capabilities) will be done in a third-party package. Just one guy's opinion.
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Those are some great points you make davemillman. I respect the fact of how you feel and can agree with your feedback. It would be nice though to also see some basic audio changes made like a better level meter for the audio. I would not expect TechSmith to make more changes than needed for updating their audio as it would take away from the nature of what the software is intended to do and be used for which is screen recording and not a full fledged audio editing software or video editing software. Thanks for sharing and have a great day/night.

Cheers ~ Fred.