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Audio scrubbing, pls

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Posted 3 years ago

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Splitting into separate Idea topic

Please reference the new conversation here: Audio scrubbing
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Al these things would be nice, yes, but for 3 years now I've been requesting the simple ability to scrub the audio while editing. For what I use Camtasia for, this is a necessity. Choreography between audio and my presentations are key!  Yet again it's not on the list.  

This is really becoming a make or break point for me when Camtasia goes into its next paid upgrade.  

Why can't a simple feature like this be added? Why isn't it on the list of improvements?

See here... (It's been 4 years now...)

Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Camtasia Feedback Feature Request Round-Up.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Timeline Audio Scrubbing.

I saw that this type question was asked and semi-answered about a years ago. I did not want to reactivate a post that old, besides the answer was not acceptable for my situation.

I work a lot with music, text and picture transitions in the presentation I prepare. Accuracy is a must and timeline scrubbing with live audio would save me a lot of time in placing transition. Having to "play" a clip over and over does not allow me the flexibility of being able to find a point in time where a transition must take place accurately.

For a product that promotes a professional and percise work environment, one would think that this type of functionality would already be included in the software, considering the type of software that it is.

Please pass this suggestion to your programming team for update consideration to the product. It should not be too hard to patch this type of functionality into the existing program as freeware and open source programs such as Blender have this capability built in to them.

For your consideration.

Brad Lourie
Edmonton, Alberta
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Official Response

Thanks for submitting the audio scrubbing idea and thanks to those that added their responses. We understand the importance of audio for professional. We are evaluating a collection of audio related features for a future development cycles. We’ll doing that evaluation we’ll keep this idea under consideration as an audio editing improvement. We’ll update this post as we have more to share on audio.

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I'm trialing the software and this is a deal breaker.  You can't edit video that needs to be synced to audio without being able to hear the waveform.
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I'll have to disagree with you because audio can be synced in Camtasia.

It involves zooming in tight to the audio track and paying close attention while playing back. I place a marker on the audio. Cut/Place a Marker on the audio. Then, play audio from the marker or cut. Preferably marker, if it sounds correct. I’m done. I line up the marker with the appropriate video frame.

 If not, adjust Marker/Cut until it’s right.  

 It's a “Painstaking Process” and takes much longer. If audio scrubbing was a feature. It would streamline the process.

If for some reason, your projects need to sync audio on several occasions. The technique I described is cumbersome at best. If I'm syncing audio, it's rarely required more than once in a project. However, as mentioned earlier. My other programs have timeline scrubbing. I'll take that over the hard way every time.

Regards, Joe

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Well, by 'edit a video,' I meant in a practical way worth paying for.  I'm constantly trimming unwanted material out of clips and being able to hear where I start taking a breath or finish the last sound of the last word that I want is important.  The graphical representation of the waveform is often not enough.  Having to listen, re-edit, and listen again at each trim point is a huge hassle.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Implement the ability to Scrub Audio While Editing (Promised 5 years ago and STIL....

Audio scrubbing has been on the books for over 6 years and you expect me to Upgrade? Why would I waste $99 (USD) to upgrade when the current version I have does everything I need it to do and (according to the update note) you haven't added features requested (and promised) a far back as Version 8?  I got rooked in the last upgrade and as the old adage goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me!"  
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I have an older version of Camtasia 9.1.2 which I generally love. I currently have a project where I need to work more closely with audio playback in training videos. It is a real pain to try and "see" the words in the form of wave forms. I would be willing to upgrade for audio scrubbing feature. Otherwise, I don't see a reason to upgrade. This is a serious drawback and makes me see your software in a less favorable light. I used to rave about this product. Now, if someone asks about it, I'm going to recommend looking for a product that has this feature. For such a talented group of developers, how are you not able to pull this off?