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I have Camtasia 2018 and I've noticed that it still has the same problem with parts of audio files skipping and sometimes repeating parts of the audio.  This problem has existed in all versions of Camtasia that I've owned.

The audio tracks (MP3 format) are separate, ie. they are not part of recorded video.  The video is actually animations I have created and I'm adding voiceovers.

Parts of the audio will often skip, and repeat the last second of the audio.  The audio files themselves were converted from VBR to CBR.  They even exhibit this behaviour with the Media Bin preview mode.

The exact same audio files play perfectly outside of Camtasia.
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Posted 2 years ago

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The only one sure fire solution I'm aware of. And its been the exact same thing through all versions of Camtasia.

Convert the mp3's to .wav using these settings.
I made this image many years ago.

You can covert them in the free program Audacity.

Or chose some other technique. I use Adobe Audition.

There's free online converters and many other options. Do a Google search.

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Thank you for this - I've wasted hours trying to finish a project! @Techsmith this should either be fixed or you should add a pop-up message (and credit @Joe_Morgan !)

Thanks Joe!!
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Thank you for sharing this solution -- the audio skip/repeat was driving me crazy! Converting to .wav works perfectly. 
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I was just experiencing the same thing! MP3 plays fine outside Camtasia, and sometimes even inside, but skips and repeats randomly. I noticed that if I dragged the audio to a different position and back again, it would sometimes get rid of the problem. But then it would start skipping again when I hadn't touched it. 

The workaround is helpful, but will there be a solution in Camtasia?
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They've have years to correct the issue. Yet, they haven't. 

 It reminds me of the mystery of how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Which I believe is still unresolved to this day.

My advice is don't wait for a patch or update to fix this. Get used to working around the problem.

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I agree with Joe and others with this as I have had it happen also. I feel that TechSmith could use a lot of work on the Audio Options and Features on the PC Version that I use. I like the fact that on a Mac they have a Decibels Type Level Meter and Windows does not. But that does not help with this issue and their audio stands for a lot of improvements and has been requested and asked about for many years now. Just my 2 cents worth so I hope to see some huge changes made in the near future.
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What a find this post was, frustration finished, new audio format adopted, thanks people
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I was going to pay up to upgrade from my Camtasia 8 version to Camtasia 2019 to fix the stuttering.  It isn't my PC, the drivers, blah, blah, blah...  It absolutely is something going "goofy" in their software because it happens every time at the exact same spots (3 brief stutters in the same 4:04 production).  Before paying for the new version (which I was "positive" would finally fix the problem) I got the bright idea to actually do the same production with the trial of the latest.  Same problem, exact same spots (and, there is no stutter in the single MP3 narration file and not aligned with edits at those 3 spots).  In Audacity I converted to WAV > Other uncompressed files (so I could have more choices of bit size, etc.) and selected Signed 32-bit PCM.  I removed the old MP3 file and replaced it with the WAV file and the problem disappeared.  You would think that a problem as pervasive as this with reports going back for a period of years with something as fundamental as stutters in the audio track (that anyone can hear) would be a priority fix, but, apparently that assumption is incorrect.  I still love what Camtasia does, but...  c'mon, guys (and gals)!
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Mine was repeating a portion of the audio BUT only at the end of the original audio clip.  I found the clip added had a "silent" (No waveform) part at the end.  Dragging (shortening) the end of the clip back to where the audio / waveform ends worked for me.