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I don't know, perhaps there is already such a thing. It just occurred to me after losing a bunch of stuff I've been working on for literally hours and hours.
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Gordon, you should never loose any files you created with Snag-it! If you are, as you said, then you should be saving ALL your Snag-it files in your own Directories/folders outside of anything Snag-it has to offer. This is like using the Windows folders (under the folder User in C), which is also simply asking for trouble when you have to do some heavy duty Windows recovery since ALL the Windows provided folder typically get set back to an original Windows install.

I do not use any of the latest 3 versions of Snag-it, but I am assuming you can direct it to store your Snag-it files where ever you select. I use Snag-it V11.4 (V12 was already going downhill, which I have), and have never lost a Snag-it file at all. In addition, you should back up your data (whether you are using the windows provided folders or not), onto an external device, either and attached USB drive or a NAS drive, or onto another computer on your network, or even to the Cloud. I personally recommend to all my customers to use a USB external drive, either a flash drive BIG enough, or an external HDD. Both are very cheap now. The Cloud is exposed to anyone who knows how to hack, and usually has ongoing costs to save your data.

I own a portable USB 3.0 4TB HDD (4.5"x3"x1.5") that slides into my pants pocket easily, and it cost about $110.I also own and external 6TB HDD that cost about $145, but it is not so small or as portable, so I leave this at home whenever I travel. I have recently seen an 8TB HDD for about $165. And if these are all either too big or too costly for you, flash drives are very economical now with 128GB for about $40-$50. Just about all of my customers own an external HDD or flash drive for backup. I support customers remotely across the country.

Vincent (04-07-2019)