Automatically save an unmolested copy of my snip and open the editor for an edited copy

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I would like a preset that will save an unmolested copy of my snip  automatically with the date_time file name settings and have the editor open so I can choose to make edits and then click finish to simply save another copy with the edits and date_time file name, or if I choose not to edit I simply exit the editor but the unmolested snip will still be saved. I need to have both edited and unedited version of my snips because I might use the same snip to show three different things, and I always want the original snip saved in case I make mistakes when editing, or to adjust edits down the road. I had this functionality on GreenShot before we decided to standardize our tools in the department and purchase multiple SnagIt licenses.  
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Posted 7 months ago

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This would be useful as an option to set up in Preferences/Settings.  It can be done manually by save as but would be much more useful if the user can select this as an option to save an 'unmolested' or original version in a specified folder, then work on the screen version.

Good Idea
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The save as option works but takes multiple unnecessary clicks, and you have to type out a unique filename instead of using the auto Date_Time file name option. It actually ends up being easier and quicker to take a snip click finish when the editor opens, then take a snip again to do the editing and click finish a second time.   
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This is one for the Snagit developers. There are programs we can start with "switches" - that is something like:
"C:\Program Files\TechSmith\Snagit 2020\Snagit32.exe" /M=2 /TL=10,10 /H=600 / W=960 /save=y
i.e. Launch Snagit 2020, on Monitor #2, Top Left  corner @x=10, y=10,  snag what's in 600x 960 pixels, and save. (This is an example ONLY- it won't work.
It was almost standard for older legacy applications. I use switches a lot to launch web sites with a specific browser (I use 5 browsers). I also use Excel 2010 and 2019 (365). By default Excel 2019 responds to clicking on an Excel file, but if I want 2010 to open it a specific sheet, it's in a bat file that I execute from the keyboard: (Note the Start at the beginning)
start "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\EXCEL.EXE" "A:\Excel\RotatePics.xlsm"
It launches a specific SS in Excel 2010.

In general search for "enumerate command line switches for Snagit.exe" or ????

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You can do exactly that, if you don't mind saving your captures/unmolested snags to another folder.

You'll want to set up a custom profile.

You'll want to hit all the outlined features in the image below.

Using this profile, after taking a capture.
The editor will open or be opened if closed.
An image will appear on the canvas.
You will have to hit Finnish BEFORE the unmolested .snag is added to the folder.

Then you can do what you wish with the one on the canvas. You just have to ensure you hit finnish before editing.Or the edits will be transferred to the folder.

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I usually just hit ctrl-shift-d to open up a duplicate of the selected image.  Then the original is left intact.  Only takes a second.
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I will try that.