Automatically silence quiet segments of audio

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Often I have recordings where there is a bit of quiet noise in pauses between sentences-- for example breathing or movement noises. Currently the only way I've been able to correct this is to manually select and silence these periods individually, which can be quite tedious and time-consuming. It would be great to have an option that would automatically silence all periods longer than a specified duration when the overall sound level remains below some (adjustable) threshold.
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Posted 2 months ago

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TechSmith has a new tool for this. Audiate....

Regards, Joe

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Hi Joe and Russ,

I got excited when I saw that "TechSmith has a tool for this". If I'm whining, my wife knows I'm eliminating all evidence that I breath, but...

It doesn't seem to be part of Camtasia (sigh), and what does "Audiate...indicates areas of silence and hesitations so you can easily remove them" mean? I don't need anything to tell me where my breathing is; it's clear on the timeline.What does one need to do to "remove them" in Audiate. Is this compete removal or just a diminishing of the gain, and how is this easier than selecting a portion of the audio on the timeline in Catasia and dragging the audio line down to diminish the gain?
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Sorry, I wasn't  trying to mislead you.

According to the video, it will remove a lot of these things automatically.I really don't see the point to be honest, you still have to edit out  the silent parts of the video where nothing is occurring don't you?
I think Audiate drives a nail in your ideas coffin. Thats primarily why I mentioned it exists. I thought I'd let you fill in the blanks. I'm assuming you must export your audio from Camtasia and import into Audiate.

There's a tool that does this in After Effects.It even trims the video.Personally, I don't envision a seamless operation.
I move my cursor and open panels while not talking at all.How does an automated processes not remove these areas of silence?
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Hi Russ,
Audio editing is not one of Camtasia's strong points, and they're coming out now with Audiate, a stand-alone audio editor. You may want to try it out. However, be aware that it's a hefty monthly added cash expense to your present software.
Kayakman showed a neat trick, to take the playhead to the start of the place you want to edit, turn on "edit audio" (right click on your track), and then define the segment with the start/stop handles. Then it's easy-peasy to select the audio in that segment and drag to zero.
This works a lot better than the "Remove Noise" option that we're offered in Camtasia - it compresses the sound too much for my liking.