Avoiding blurry text when positioning video clips

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When creating screen capture videos, I usually try to keep the image at 100% zoom as much as possible to ensure that the onscreen text is not blurry or pixelated and the software looks exactly as it does in real life.

In Camtasia 9, when positioning/panning a video, if the x,y positions have decimal in the number, then the screen text appears blurry. If they use full numbers, the text appears correctly. When moving around a video clip, it would be useful to have the option to lock the position numbers to whole numbers. Just a text box below the position numbers would do. Currently I have to edit the position numbers every time I move an object.

Example: http://www.geosoft.com/media/uploads/images/92/camtasia9.png

Same with the zoom level. In previous versions of Camtasia, you could actually lock the zoom to multiples of 4 to help with this, but I don't see that in the most recent version.

Clicking the Actual size button in the Zoom-n-pan can still produce blurry text if the position is a decimal.

This should be a simple fix, hope to see it in an update.


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Posted 3 years ago

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This is an excellent point/idea/request!
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This is weird either on your side or maybe mine.
I only get whole numbers when positioning media whether I drag it or if I use the arrow keys to position it.
To have a decimal I have to type it in and even then text is fine when re-positioned.

As far as the multiple of 4 setting... That can be found in the recorder settings.

In the recorder go to>>Tools>>Options>>Program Tab
If you do not have that checked, doing so may help.

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Thanks Dubie for your post, it prompted me to do some more investigating. I always record using the multiple of 4 setting so I didn't find that an issue, but agree it is a best practice.

After some experimenting, I noticed that the x,y positioning is tied directly to the zoom setting of the canvas. So if you move your video, image or object (scaled to 100%) around while the canvas zoomed at 100%, 50% or 25% (multiples of 4), then the position settings do not have decimals and the text remains clear.

But - if you move around with fit to screen (so say zoom at 54.3%) or zoom at 300%, then the x,y positions jump to decimals. At 200% it moves at .5 intervals.

I still see this as a bug, because the video clip scaled to 100% should move one pixel each time (so position numbers have no decimals) independent of the canvas zoom level. If the video clip or image is scaled to something other than 100%, then it makes sense that it would move in increments less that 1.

Until it is fixed, the workaround I would recommend for anyone experience this issue is to set your zoom to 100%, 50%, or 25% when moving around video clips or assets that are scaled to 100%.

Here is a short silent video clip to demonstrate the issue: