Basic audio recording features are missing!

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Much praise to the video editing and creation features in the product. I think to make this a world class tool there are very basic audio engineering features that are missing which make the tool very difficult to use.

1. There is no Solo button for track. I need to be able to isolate a voice narration overdub to make sure I recorded it properly.
2. There is no ability to Mute a single audio clip on a single track. When isolating a piece of audio using the split button I would like to just mute/disable that split without having to right click, select edit audio, and minimize the volume to 0%. Not efficient enough.
3. I really don't understand why you guys are only displaying half of the audio wave form. I have never seen a recording tool do this before. Really confusing and not an industry standard in my opinion. You could at least have a user option to be able to modify this. Maybe it is there and I don't know about it.
4. I cannot grab and reorder the track listing on the left hand side. For example, I would like all video tracks ordered next to each other and all voice overs next to each other and all effects nxt to each other, etc. Much easier to organize my tracks.
5. There is no easy way to add a fade in or fade out to the audio track. I have to sit here and draw little dots and drag them around.
6. When I select say 3 audio clips in one track and try to reduce the volume the volume line is only modified for the clip I am adjusting the audio for. The audio should be brought down for all clips I have highlighted.
7. There is no option for punch in recording. For example, I hit play, then I hit record for the system to initiate record when I am ready. This allows for a more seamless audio punch in to make overdubbing possible.
8. There is no way to tell the system which track I would like to record my voice narration to. The system seems to just decide on its own whether it shoud go on an existing track or a new one.
9. The timeline ruler should not be the tool used to define where splits are made. The user should just be able to hover where ever they want and have a vertical line be displayed where the split will be made.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Hey Stephen,

Solid feedback right here. I'm going to pass this along. Thanks for taking the time to write this up!
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All good questions and valid points.
 I can only offer limited help here. Some of the options you seek do exist.
See Image Below, Click to Enlarge.

Regards, Joe

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Thanks for showing me this.

The Mirror Waveform really should be set as default.

I think it is ridiculous that I have to leave the edit timeline window, click on audio then use some buttons to add fades or adjust volume. 
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In case folks don't know, the features Stephan is talking about are standard fare for any professional, heck even non-professional, dedicated audio editing tool or DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). And further, also exist in most pro non-linear video editing tools.
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Hello, very good suggestions (apart from the ones which are already possible)!

Please let me add two very basic things, which are also standard for any audio editing program:

1. A simple meter for the output level (volume).

I have no idea what levels (in dbFS) the audio in my projects actually have - the waveform display is not sufficient for this.
Here is for example the level meter in Sony Vegas Pro, which is visible at all times:

Something like this would be more than sufficient, it even doesn't have to be that large - but one really does need to know how close one is to 0 dbFS.

(Btw, is there a built-in limiter in Camtasia, which is always active? I noticed that no matter how much I raise the volume, I cannot clip my D/A-converters, which lead me to that conclusion. If that's the case, please make it possible to deactive the limiter in the options.)

2. Please add a volume fader on all tracks (in addition to solo and mute buttons)

The audio points are not a good way to set the general volume of an audio track.
Let's say you spent a lot of time editing out coughs or unwanted noises, by silencing them all. After that you decide that you want to raise the level of the whole audio track a bit. If you now raise the audio line, you make all the noises you silenced audible again.

This are still only very basic things for dealing with audio tracks, Camtasia will not become a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), if these functions are added :)

Thank you very much for considering!