Batch video save feature to save a set of videos with specified naming rules

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It would be extremely helpful if I could select a set of videos that I've taken (that still need to be saved) and save them all in parallel with just a single command so that I can save myself the time of needing to go through each and every video clip and provide it with a name. This feature would save me a tremendous amount of time. 
An example of how the name of the file could be constructed could be like this:
  1. A field is provided that allows the user to specify the initial part of the string of the text of the filename that will be used for the selected videos;
  2. A checkbox can be selected for whether or not you want to append the timestamp of when the video was initially created (e.g. the timestamp of when the initial recording was started) and perhaps other details, such as video length, in a format that is easy to interpret;
  3. And then, if there are duplicate filenames (when this rule is applied), we append a number that increments with each file to the end of each filename (e.g. videofile_1, videofile_2, videofile_3, ...) to ensure that the names are unique such that the ordering is based on time since the video was created (so that the files are numbered chronologically) and then have them saved in a way that just appends a number to the end of the string I provided so that I don't need to manually save each and every video individually unless I want to give them all an ambiguous name that just contains a timestamp...
This will allow me to find the correct video group when I'm searching for a particular type of videos, and it will allow me to know which meeting the video came from (so that I can go back and check my meeting notes and find the relevant meeting according to the timestamp), and it will allow me to auto-save the videos to save time.
If I can specify where the videos are saved and whether or not I am prompted before overwrite, that would also be awesome! 
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  • Optimistic because this feature will save people a lot of time

Posted 2 years ago

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That sounds like a well thought-out idea, especially considering that plenty of applications provide for a similar scheme.
BTW, a similar scheme for screen shots (stills) would be quite useful, too.