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Being able to mute individual audio tracks would be really helpful.

I record separate high quality audio and bring that in. I need to line up with original audio, but want to turn original off and on to check. And also turning music or sound FX off and on.

Plus having at least one more audio track. So 4+. For music, sound effects, etc.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Dan Morgan

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Same problem for the same reason. I was hoping version 8 would add this in, but apparently not. The audio editing in Camtasia often feels like an afterthought.
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If you haven't given Camtasia Studio 8 a try yet, it might still be worth doing. Version 8 has support for as many audio (and video!) tracks as you want. Admittedly, temporarily muting individual audio clips isn't yet possible, but moving them around or out of the way just got a lot easier.

To add a track, hit the "Add" button on the timeline, or right-click on a track and choose "Insert track above" or "Insert track below."

You can mix audio, video, callouts, etc. on the same track...

... or still keep audio clips on their own tracks, as many tracks as needed, if you prefer that worflow:

You can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial of Camtasia Studio 8 here:

Thank you again for your feedback!
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Dan Morgan

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Tried it, was hoping for a mute button, no joy. A lot of the other improvements are nice though.
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Robert Davidson

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Yes being able to temporarily mute audio is a must have feature in any video editing program.
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Oh no. I'm in a situation now where I really need this function and its not there... :( +1 from me too.

I have a huge movie with over 70 clips. 15 of those are video clips with audio, and others are callouts and images. Camtasia already stutters a bit when playing due to the complexity of my project.

Anyway, it seems the audio in my videoclips are on low volume and just increasing the volume won't cut it. I have to replace the audio for each clip. The problem is, that those 15 clips are cuts from 2 long video's. I have the original audio, but I have to match whre they start and end so I can cut the audio clips to the right length to replace them.

A mute/solo button for the audio would be wonderful here because then I can listen to a single track to determine what I am looking for in the other track and where about to find it. Matching the track by its waveform is unfortunately not always possible, and given that the video that comes with the audio responds to the audio, I need to get the audio right.
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This will be a very nice addition to camtasia, may be in one of the next updates. And this shouldn't just be for audio but it should be for the whole track.
Just as we have a LOCK button on the track. We should also have a button to disable the track. That way we'll be able to see what individual track are doing in a much better way.
Hope to see this update soon :)

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