Best laptop for Camtasia 2018?

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Seeking laptop(windows) recommendations from experienced Camtasia 2018 users. I want something that works really well without choppiness or lag. I am not a techie and guidance in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 8 months ago

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For the investment, screen size, components, etc. and so forth.

 The best Laptop for video editing is a Desktop.

 If you have no other option but to edit and record using a 13, 15 or 17 inch laptop.

 I wish you the best of luck. I don't recommend going there. They are just too darn small.


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Results, not luck, is ultimately what I'm after.  So what Desktop would you recommend to get the job done? I've played the game of trying to use the wrong tools for the job and this only can lead to frustration. So what would be the minimum desktop requirements you would go with. I'm wanting to make YouTube videos. The video editing... etc is new to me so I realize I may have been asking the wrong question. Screen size? Resolution? Graphics card? Processor? I don't really want to buy an expensive laptop only to find out it won't do what's required. I realize everyone has different applications for what they do. Curious what you would suggest? Thanks for your response.
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Hi all;

Some excellent comments in here (and a few off-topic; please try to stay within the confines of the OP's original question), so it's definitely appreciated. I think that "best laptop" or even just "best computer" for Camtasia will almost exclusively be limited to your editing behaviors, recording needs, and budget. We in Technical Support often see users with budget laptops being extremely successful with Camtasia, even more so after a little troubleshooting or coaching, while on the flip side I have seen an absolute beast of a computer just come screeching to a halt while trying to edit/produce a small project. I think that defining a budget is also an important step as it is very easy to just go a little overboard at times, so I'd like to put forth one of my personal (and in no way endorsed by TechSmith) recommendations for a very reliable laptop that is extremely proficient at handling what I throw at it while being largely affordable when looking at the scope/scale of power-to-price.

I personally use an MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro 4k and outside of some occasional heat concerns when playing a couple of different video games (and only once with Camtasia), it is literally a rock-solid machine that stands toe-to-toe with my desktop workstation at the office. I'd recommend taking a look at it if it falls within your budget.

Lenovo has come up a few times and I absolutely love their machines; rock solid performance, attractive case, generally affordable and feature rich. I used the same trusty Lenovo all through University and it worked pretty solid throughout. Dell I can't speak to as I've actually never used one of their laptops (but I have used plenty of Dell desktops) so I'll defer to the experiences of the other community members on that end.

Note though that some of the issues you are running into might be addressed with your existing hardware; it could be that there are editing behaviors or issues with source files that are causing the issue. It is entirely possible that the issue is hardware related as well; I would be curious to know if you have opened a Support Ticket at all? There are a ton of different things that could be a part of the problem so the Support team would be a good place to start.

Hope that helps!


note: the product opinions in this response are mine and mine along and not intended to be an endorsement by TechSmith
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Now there's a recommendation that makes sense.

The processor is faster than either of $3500 laptops shown above.
Which most laptop CPU's are  underwhelming performance wise. Compared to the available Desktop CPU's.

Surrounding a lower powered CPU with 2 SSD's at an increased price of $2000.00. I don't see how that gets you anywhere notable. Well, it empties the bank account quite notably.    
The MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro 4k I looked at had 2 HD One SSD and one disk, 5400rpm  32GB RAM etc. for $1600.00 

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yes, I agree it is a good recommendation from Robert