Best Practices for Uploading Camtasia Videos to Wistia

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We worked with Wistia to come up with some best practices for producing and uploading video to your Wistia account. You can find this content on the Wistia site, but, I thought I would post it here as well.
(I know some have asked for a direct Wistia output - we are aware of this request, but, I don't have information on whether this will make it into Camtasia or not.)

Best Practices for PC

  1. Within the project you wish to share open in Camtasia Studio, head up to File >
    Produce and Share. On the first page of the Production Wizard, choose the Custom Production Settings preset.

  2. Confirm that the File Format is set to MP4 and then click next. In the Size menu, make sure to set the dimensions to 1920x1080, and check Keep Aspect Ratio.
  3. Under Video Settings, change the encoding mode to Bitrate, and change the quality to 15,000 kbps.
  4. Give your video a name and destination and click Save. The video will be
    rendered as an MP4 file which you can then easily upload to Wistia. Woo!

Best Practices for Mac

  1. To export a perfect MP4 for Wistia from Camtasia, you'll want to first head to Share and then Advanced Export. Confirm that the File Format is set to Export to MP4 and then click Options.
  2. Set your dimensions to 1920x1080 and make sure that the aspect ratio is preserved (Preserve Aspect Ratio).
  3. Change the Data Rate to custom, and bump up to 15,000 kbps. Click okay and choose a destination.
  4. Export that file and you're good to go!

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Kelly Mullins, TechSmith Employee & Helper

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Posted 4 years ago

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Prof Tom

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So that is for a regular video produced in CS.  Tha'ts pretty standard for most video sharing platforms. Producing and uploading a Smart Player production to any server other than Screencast is a bit different, but it is an easy hack.
  1. Produce the project using Custom Settings.
  2. Choose the mp4 Smart Player option
  3. Use settings that make sense.  We usually suggest bitrate at around 1600.  H.264 / AAC codec still delivers a spectacular mp4 experience.  We are in the broadcast service industry and mess with this stuff a lot.
  4. Once it's rendered, open your server with an FTP program.  Create a directory for your production and upload all the files and folders to that directory
  5. Here's the easy part.  Right click on the .html file and copy the URL
  6. It will have the correct path EXCEPT most ftp programs maintain the
  7. I paste this into notepad and change the path to:
Now that is the path I use to create a link to the production with any SmartPlayer functions like hotspots, etc.  When we first started doing this, the process TechSmith provided was a bit more complex.  This one works great.

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Emmily Bowman

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Will this preserve a quiz made in Camtasia?
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Thanks, Prof Tom. Can you please tell me the steps on a Mac? I wanted to upload a Smart Player production.
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Kelly Mullins, TechSmith Employee & Helper

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Thanks Tom, for posting this helpful information!
We appreciate it.
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I posted this question on Wistia forum also - is there any way to display the Camtasia Table of Contents feature on Camtasia videos uploaded to Wistia? (I *think* the answer is 'no, use Screencast' but would like to confirm.)


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Ted Curran

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Is there any hope of getting a "Publish to Wistia" option from within Camtasia?