Blur tool can't rotate or shape around object but other tools can why?

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Thanks for the offer of tech support but unless their programmers I doubt they can help.

Congratulations on what looks like a new forum page.  You finally decided that being sued wasn't such a fun thing and much cheaper to just run up a better forum engine.

Back to business.

The Blur tool a great tool but not very smart.  I can do any type of shape I want as long as it is a square/rectangle

Can't even rotate it a bit to fit what I'm blurring.  And yet the shape tool I can rotate till my hearts content and can even polygon it.

Can't use the polygon either for blur, as soon as you draw your shape using the selection tool in the hope it might work and hit blur the shape disappears... so useless.

If I get a reply and it is "we are going to implement that in a later release" I will scream.. and I don't scream usually.

This would mean that my version Snagit 2018 with the "update" will cost me as if I never owned your product unless I go on your yearly suck money out of me plan.

So disappointing the marketing people and high up managers you have in the company. 
Money over clients.

If you happened to fix all the inconsistencies and put back functionality that was in previous version, "ditto for Camtasia" offered that as a free upgrade or even pushed it down to clients, I would be shocked but impressed.

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  • Tied of the stupid simple made in Techsmith products

Posted 9 months ago

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Damianrx - I kind of agree with you. As a mathematician, I can't see why someone at TechSmith can't blur within 4 (x,y) points, parallelograms, rhomboids. Should you and I try to do it for them?
But what if someone asks for 5 or 6 or 13 point polygon blur? What if they're concave? OK, I'm officially outta here, I quit.
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This should probably be posted as an Idea. Add blur to the Selection tool. “Something along that line?”

Even Photoshop won’t rotate a blur. You can make a selection in any number of ways. Apply a blur to the selection. Rotate, move, or resize that selection after the fact. And the blur will remain unchanged and in its original location.  

You could save your selection to another layer as a copy.

 Blur it. Rotate it, re-scale it, or anything else. But the original image will remain pristine. You can’t re-scale,reposition or move the target area of what was actually blurred. Only mask it with the newly created layer.

The latter is fairly simple in Photoshop. Make your selection. Right click and “Save layer via copy” It’s saved in place right where you made the selection, apply blur and you should be done in most cases.

You could follow a similar and more difficult path with SnagIt. Please don’t shoot the messenger but if you need to blur and rotate on the rare occasion. This is better than nothing.

Use the polygonal selection tool to make a selection. Copy it to the clipboard.

Create a new Image from the clipboard.

Change the canvas color to transparent.

Apply 25% blur. When I applied more the edges became so blurred. The original image showed through around the edges with clarity.

Flatten the image.

Drag from the tray or copy and paste over what you were attempting to blur out.

You could even resize and rotate that image if need be.It’s a lot of steps and less than ideal. Adding blur to selections is the viable answer in my opinion.

I would vote for the feature request.


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if you own both Snagit and Camtasia, just cheat mother nature ...

How To Apply Rotated Blur To Snagit Image 2019-03-19

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Nice catch.
I didn't realize this was posted to the Camtasia forum as well. It looked like a SnagIt 2018 question to me.
I'm not sure why you rotated the entire photo though? All he would need to do is rotate the blur and export the a still image.
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I rotated it because his example image shows a cock-eyed piano-like keyboard
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In addition to the creative ways others have demonstrated, there does exist a way to blur an odd shape in SnagIt if you are willing to think outside the box a bit.

It begins by making a selection. And as Joe pointed out, you would want to use the polygon tool.

After you make the selection, right-click the selected area and choose "Invert Selection". (You do this because if you don't, you are blurring everything except the selected area you want to blur)

Now click the Effects tab in the lower right corner of SnagIt, and choose the Spotlight & Magnify effect and configure it as shown for the offsets and adjust blur accordingly.

Cheers... Rick :)
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@joe @kayakman and @rick
Thanks for the replies and Joe the extra effort.

All great solutions and work arounds.

I've used the blur tool a lot in Camtasia to hide confidential client information.
The version I have can't track so it becomes a pain if I zoom in, I have to add steps /markers to get it to track.

Joe the thought of seeing another "IDEA" email when I would think it is obvious - consistency in design is missing.

A suggestion that gets done would just mean I'll miss out.

Again, thanks to you all for your replies, much appreciated.